Graphic Novels & Monographs E - I

Edwina, Sinbad - A Dog's Life / Coward-McCann 1930, hardcover First edition, nice collection of her cartoons in this uncommon book, VG/Fine, $75

Will Eisner, Hawk of the Seas / Kitchen Sink, First printing, scarce oversize hardcover edition, collects Eisner's earliest work, fine, $75

Eisner, A Contract with God / Baronet 1978, widely heralded (not entirely accurately) as the first "graphic novel", this is the scarce 1st printing signed & #'ed edition of this oft-reprinted title, limited to 1500 copies, no dj as issued, NM, $150

Eisner, Spirit Color Album vol. 1 / Kitchen Sink 1981, 13 classic Spirit stories, 1st printing, pictorial boards, NM, $25

Eisner, Spirit Color Album vol. 2 / Kitchen Sink 1982, great selection of Spirit stories, 1st pr, pictorial boards, NM, $25

Eisner, Spirit Color Album vol. 3 / Kitchen Sink 1983, last of the series, 1st pr, pictorial boards, NM $25

Eisner, The Art of Will Eisner ed. by cat yronwode / Kitchen Sink 1982, classic out-of-print bio and survey, deluxe signed/#ed hardcover limited to 1000 copies, VF+ book and dj, $175 click for pic

Eisner, Signal From Space / Kitchen Sink 1983, 1st edition, pictorial boards, presents complete b/w late 1970's serial from Spirit magazine in color, VF+ $25

Eisner, The Dreamer / Kitchen Sink 1986, deluxe signed/#'ed hardcover limited to 1000 copies, early "graphic novella" set during the dawn of comic books, VF+, $95 .... another copy, 1st printing softcover (unsigned), VF, $15

Eisner, The Building / Kitchen Sink 1987, deluxe signed/#ed hardcover limited to 1250 copies, NM $95 ... another copy, 1st printing softcover edition (unsigned) NM $15

Eisner, City People Notebook / Kitchen Sink 1989, deluxe signed/#ed hardcover limited to 1500 copies, NM, $85 ... another copy, 1st printing softcover, VF/NM $15

Eisner, Will Eisner Reader / Kitchen Sink 1991, deluxe signed/#ed hardcover limited to 1500 copies, superb shorts from Will Eisner Quarterly, VF $125 click for pic

Eisner, To the Heart of the Storm / Kitchen Sink 1991, deluxe signed/#ed hardcover limited to 900 copies, VF+ $100

Eisner, Invisible People / Kitchen Sink 1993, deluxe signed/#ed hardcover limited to 900 copies, NM $85

Eisner, Dropsie Avenue / Kitchen Sink 1995, deluxe signed/#ed hardcover limited to 500 copies, NM, $100 ..... another copy, hardcover first printing (unsigned) NM, $35

Eisner, Family Matter / Kitchen Sink 1998, deluxe signed/#ed hardcover limited to 500 copies, NM, $85

Eisner, Comics & Sequential Art / Poorhouse Press/Eclipse 1985, seldom-seen 1st printing in hardcover of one of Eisner's most important and oft-reprinted books, this copy signed by Eisner, book and dj F/VF, $125

Eisner, Graphic Storytelling / Poorhouse Press 1996, Eisner's 2nd keen analysis of comics form and structure, hardcover edition, 2nd (reformatted) printing, first thus, $45

Eisner, The International Centre of Universal Humour Presents Will Eisner, The Cartoonist of the Year 1988 / softcover, 1988, over 70 pages of material with bio and art, text in both French and English, uncommon, F/VF, $15 click for pic

Jules Feiffer, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl / Random House 1961, 1st edition, hardcover, strips from Playboy, the Village Voice and London Observer, VG+ book and VG dj, $20

Feiffer, Feiffer's Album / Random House 1963, 1st edition, hardcover, VG+ book and dj, $20 click for pic

Feiffer, Feiffer: The Collected Works - vol 1 / Fantagraphics 1988, 1st edition, hardcover, collects Feiffer's charming "Clifford" strips (from the Spirit newspaper sections) and other early work, Fine book and dj, $35

Feiffer, Feiffer: The Collected Works - vol 3 / Fantagraphics 1992, 1st edition, hardcover, collects the first year of Feiffer's "Sick Sick Sick" and other early work, Fine book and dj, $35

Feiffer, TANTRUM / Knopf 1979, first edition, hardcover, one of Feiffer's greatest and most expressive works, Fine book and dj, $35

Lyonel Feininger, The Comic Strip Art of Lyonel Feininger / Kitchen Sink 1989, hardcover, collects complete Kin-der-Kids and Wee Willie Winkie's World, tough to find in h/c, fine+, $75 .... another copy in softcover, fine+, $15

Feininger, Lyonel Feininger -- Kin-der-Kids, Wee Willie Winkie's World / Garzanti 1974, 1st edition, hardcover pictorial boards, huge Italian folio reprints Feininger's strips in full color 10-15% larger than the Kitchen Sink version and with more subdued coloring, French-language translation, intro about Feininger also in French, marvelous package and uncommon book, VG+ with ding to bottom corner, $40 click for pic

Feininger, Feininger -- Etchings, Lithographs and Woodcuts from the Estate of the Artist / Assoc. American Artists 1972, softcover catalogue collects Feininger's rare and seldom seen woodcut art, VG+ but small stain on cover, $25 click for pic

Feininger, Lyonel Feininger - caricature and fantasy by Ernst Scheyer / Wayne State U 1964, first printing, hardcover, outstanding scholarly book covers Feininger's life and career with emphasis on his cartooning origins, packed with illustrations in b/w and color including much not reproduced anywhere else, fine book, dj VG with a few small chips out, SOLD click for pic

Lou Fine, Special Edition Series #2 / Light/Flashback 1974, 1st printing softcover, scarce thick book collection of most Ray/Black Condor stories in b/w with some color, many call it the Lou Fine "Bible", Fine- copy, $150 click for pic

Fine, The Lou Fine Comics Treasury / Pure Imagination 1991, 1st edition, softcover, nice assortment of golden age reprints in b/w with a short bio of Fine and a color section reproducing some of Fine's best cover art, NM $40

Virgil Finlay, also see Pulp section for many fine Finlay covers

Finlay, The Book of Virgil Finlay edited and with intro by Gerry De La Ree / Flare/Avon 1976, first printing, softcover, fantastic collection of luscious illustrations by the legendary Pulp artist, VF, $25

Bud Fisher, Mutt and Jeff #3 / Ball 1912, fragile oblong hardcover reprints b/w dailies in large format, scarce, VG-, SOLD

Bud Fisher, Mutt and Jeff Big Book / Cupples & Leon 1926, 1st printing of scarce early hardcover collection, excellent page quality, book fine- with rare dj in VG+, $325 click for pic

Ed Fisher, Ed Fisher's First Folio / Macmillan 1959, Fisher's first book, nice collection, 1st printing, hardcover book and dj VG+, $25

Ed Fisher, Ed Fisher's Domesday Book / St. Martins 1961, first printing hardcover, a second offering from Fisher, VG+ book VG dj, $25

Hal Foster, (related) The Comics Journal #102 / Fantagraphics 1985, magazine, first printing, Hal Foster cover and interview, plus Basil Wolverton feature and more, VF, $10 click for pic

Fontaine Fox, F. Fox's Funny Folk / Doran 1917, scarce first Toonerville Trolley collection, hardcover, small chip off front board at bottom right corner o/w Good/VG, $185

Fox, Toonerville Trolley / Cupples & Leon 1921, Fox's third book, one of the scarcest of the Cupples & Leon series, this one an exceptional F/VF, SOLD click for pic

Fox, Toonerville Trolley / Scribners 1972, nice anthology of strips with many not found elsewhere, this is the first edition of this book, Weathervane later reprinted it, fine in fine dj, $35

Franquin, Z is for Zorglub / Fantasy Flight 1995, first edition thus, softcover, English-language translation by Kim Thompson, Fine, $10

Frank Frazetta, THUNDA King of the Congo / Russ Cochran 1973, 1st printing, oversize reprints shot directly from the original art, printed on thick paper with stupendous production value, the next best thing to the originals, VF+ $50 click for pic

Frank Kelly Freas, The Art of Science Fiction / Donning 1977, softcover, first printing, stupendous repros including many classic S-F pulp covers spanning the early/middle years of Freas' long career, VF, $20

Freas, As He Sees It / Paper Tiger 2000, first edition, hardcover, nice selection of Freas later work in glorious color, Fine/VF, $30

Drew Friedman, and Josh Alan Friedman, Any Similarities to Persons Living or Dead is Purely Coincidental / Fantagraphics 1985, 1st printing, hardcover, very first edition of this oft-reprinted/reformatted work, this version is the best, being in jumbo 11" x 15" format, Fine, $150 .... another copy, first printing, softcover, VG++, $45 click for pic

A.B. Frost, Stuff and Nonsense / Scribner's & Sons 1884, one of the very earliest American cartoon collections, and one of the best! Frost's finesse with pen & ink is unsurpassed, there are shades of T.S. Sullivant in his wonderful depictions of animals in this book, pictorial boards, exceptionally nice copy of this book, VG+, $295 click for pic, click for peek inside, click for another peek

Frost, Stuff and Nonsense / Scribner's 1888, 2nd edition, hardcover, first printing thus, has slightly different content than the first edition with some 'new' material, this edition may be scarcer than the original, moderate general wear, much of the ink on the pictorial boards has rubbed away, contents in nice shape, scarce Frost "bull calf" cartoon pamphlet is tipped in inside back cover!, overall VG, $185

Frost, The Bull Calf and Other Tales / Scribner's 1892, excellent early collection of 'shorts' by Frost, masterful pen and ink work, vg/fine, $165 click for pic

Frost, Carlo / Doubleday Page 1913, more great pen & ink cartooning in this all-time great dog story, pictorial boards, vg-, $100

Theodor Geisel -- see under Seuss

Scott Gillis, Barry Gifford's Perdita Durango / Avon 1995, first printing softcover, an adaptation from the "Neon Lit" series edited by Bob Callahan and Art Spiegelman, VG/Fine, $15

James Gillray, Mr. Gillray The Caricaturist by Draper Hill / Phaidon 1965, first edition, hardcover, lots of illustrations, the definitive monograph and rather uncommon, VG+ book and DJ, $60 click for pic

Gillray, The Satirical Etchings of James Gillray / Dover 1976, brilliant work from the London caricaturist called "the first major political cartoonist", softcover, VG+ $15

Rube Goldberg, Mike & Ike (They Look Alike) -- Comic Monthly #2 / Embee 1922, very rare 2nd issue of early comic book series, classic Goldberg stuff, good- with some pencil markings, SOLD click for pic

Goldberg, Foolish Questions -- Comic Monthly #10 / Embee 1922, more obscure Goldberg strips in this rare early comic, nice G/VG, SOLD click for pic

Goldberg, Bobo Baxter / Hyperion 1977, scarce 1st printing softcover reprints Goldberg's forgotten 1927-28 comedy/adventure strip complete, VF/NM, $75 click for pic

Goldberg, Rube Goldberg vs. the Machine Age / Hastings House 1968, 1st printing hardcover, stupendous collection of Goldbergiana including autobiographical essays, uncommon, Fine book and dj, $75 click for pic

Goldberg, The Best of Rube Goldberg compiled by Charles Keller / Prentice-Hall 1979, 1st printing, softcover, excellent survey of Goldberg's famous inventions, uncommon book, Fine+, $35

Goldberg, Rube Goldberg - His Life and Work by Peter Marzio / Harper & Row 1973, still the definitive bio on Goldberg, generously illustrated with art from his long career, VG+ no dj, $35

Goldberg (related), NEMO: The Classic Comics Library #24 / Fantagraphics 1987, magazine with cover-story on Goldberg, including long reprint of Boob McNutt strips and an overview of his work including books, strips, sculptures and more, F/VF, $10

Floyd Gottfredson, Mickey Mouse in Color / Pantheon 1988, 1st printing hardcover, collects the wonderful Gottfredson Mouse strips from the 1930's, gorgeous color and reproduction quality, Fine book and dj, $35 click for pic

Gottfredson, Walt Disney Best Comics - Mickey Mouse / Abbeville 1978, first printing, hardcover, pictorial boards, eleven complete Mickey adventures from the 1930s in full color plus articles/features including intro by Gottredson, VF, $30 click for pic

Gottfredson, The Uncensored Mouse #1 & #2 / Eternity 1989, 1st printing comic books, Disney lawsuit stopped this series short but not before these 2 issues were published, reprint 1930's strips banned by Disney for being "politically incorrect", NM copies, the set $15

Gottfredson (related), The Comics Journal #120 / Fantagraphics 1988, 1st printing, thick magazine with rare Gottfredson interview, Ward Kimball, Disney strike and more, F/VF, $15 click for pic

Chester Gould, Dick Tracy and the Famon BoysRaiola 1982, softcover, facsimile reprint of Feature Book #9 from 1938, contains strips from 3/25/37 - 5/8/37, Fine, $12 click for pic

Gould, Dick Tracy Meets the BlankRaiola 1983, softcover, facsimile reprint of Large Feature #1 from 1939, contains strips from 5/16/37 - 11/18/37, Fine, $12

Gould, Dick Tracy Gets His ManRaiola 1982, softcover, facsimile reprint of Large Feature #4 from 1939, contains strips from 11/18/37 - 4/23/38, Fine-, $12

Gould, Dick Tracy the Racket BusterRaiola 1982, softcover, facsimile reprint of Large Feature #8 from 1940, contains strips from 5/2/38 - 11/6/38, Fine+, $12

Gould, Dick TracyRaiola 1983, softcover, facsimile reprint of Large Feature series 2 #3 from 1942, contains strips from 7/13/38 - 12/29/38, Fine+, $12

Gould, Dick Tracy and the Kidnapped PrincessRaiola 1983, softcover, facsimile reprint of Large Feature #15 from 1941, contains strips from 4/3/39 - 8/26/39, Fine+, $12 click for pic

Gould, Dick Tracy / Raiola 1983, softcover, contains strips from 3/12/40 - 7/13/40, Fine, $12 click for pic

Gould, Dick Tracy / Raiola 1983, softcover, contains strips from 7/14/40 - 10/20/40, Fine, $12

Gould, The Original Dick Tracy #1-5 / Gladstone 1990-1, comic books, all 5 issues of this full color limited series reprinting Gould's classic strips, Fine, the set $10

Gould, Dick Tracy - The Thirties -- Tommyguns and Hard Times / Chelsea House 1978, first printing, softcover, thick book packed with reprints from Gould's prime years, including special color section with Sunday reprints, VG/F, $18

Gould (related), NEMO the classic comics library #17 / Fantagraphics 1986, magazine, Gould/Dick Tracy cover feature with articles, interview, and strips reprints, Fine-, $10

Gould (related), Calling Tracy! Six Decades of Dick Tracy by James Van Hise / Pioneer 1990, first printing, softcover, interesting overview of Gould and all things Tracy, Fine-, $12

J. J. Grandville, J.J. Grandville - Revolutionnaire et Precurseur de l'art du mouvement by Laure Garcin / Losfeld 1970, hardcover, French-language bio-survey of the great artist, includes preface by Georges Bataille, Grandville's ingratiating style influenced many, some text but mostly illustrations, Fine+ book in VG+ dj, $30 click for pic

Grandville, Bizarreries and Fantasies of Grandville intro and commentary by Stanley Appelbaum / Dover 1974, 1st edition softcover, well-chosen anthology of illustrations from "Un Autre Monde" and "Les Animaux" with comprehensive notes, VF+, SOLD

Grandville, Grandville's Animals - The World's Vaudeville / Thames & Hudson 1981, 1st printing hardcover, collects the exquisitely beautifully animal pictures, many are in color, book and dj fine+, $15

Harold Gray, Little Orphan Annie / Cupples & Leon 1926, first printing, hardcover, first Annie book in the C & L series, nice pages, VG, $65 click for pic

Gray, Little Orphan Annie Shipwrecked / Cupples & Leon 1931, first printing, hardcover, early Annie book in the C & L series, VG-, $50

Gray, Little Orphan Annie - Bucking the World / Cupples & Leon 1929, first printing, hardcover, more prime Gray strips, nice pages, VG-, $50 click for pic

Gray, ARF! The Life and Hard Times of Little Orphan Annie 1935-1949 / Bonanza 1970, enormous hardcover with tons of strips from the prime years, intro by Al Capp, VG+ no dj, $25

Gray, (related) NEMO #8 / Fantagraphics 1984, magazine, first printing, complete issue devoted to Gray and his classic strips, VF, $15 click for pic

Justin Green, Justin Green's Binky Brown Sampler / Last Gasp 1995, first printing, softcover, foreward by art spiegelman, essential compilation includes the seminal autobiographical Underground classic "Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary" + other fabulous Justin Green works, fine, $25 click for pic

Rick Griffin, also see Undergrounds section of Anthologies for Griffin poster art

Griffin, Man From UTOPIA / SF Comic Co. 1972, 1st printing, softcover, large format packed with classic Griffin art, Fine-, $35 click for pic

Bill Griffith, Zippy Stories / Last Gasp 1986, first printing, softcover, thick collection of early Zippy strips + interview and more, Fine-, $15

Griffith, Zippy's House of Fun / Fantagraphics 1995, first edition, hardcover, huge 14 1/2" x 8 1/4" book reprints Zippy strips in full color, not the signed edition (probably overprint from this edition), NM book and dj, $30 click for pic

Milt Gross, Banana Oil! / MS Pub 1924, rare early collection by Gross in fragile "Cupples & Leon"-style format, b/w strips in the zany Gross vein, SOLD

Gross, Hiawatta witt No Odder Poems / Doran 1926, Gross works in verse with great cartoon illustr., Good+, $15

Gross, He Done Her Wrong / Doubleday Doran 1930, 1st printing of early wordless "graphic novel", scarce, probably Gross' greatest book, VG/F no dj, $85

Gross, Milt Gross Funnies No. 1 / Milt Gross 1947, comic-book format, "That's My Pop!" material seems to have been created just for this comic, rare SOLD click for pic

Gross, Milt Gross Funnies No. 2 / Milt Gross 1947, comic-book format, more original material, Gross is as loose and crazy as ever, SOLD

Gross (related), Cartoonist PROfiles #14 -- June 1972, fanzine contains feature by cartoonist I. Klein "Memories of Milt Gross" with b/w repros of Gross strips and paintings, nice 'zine, fine, $12

Hergé (Georges Remi), The Adventures of Tintin, Reporter for "Le Petit Vingtieme", In the Land of the Soviets / Casterman 1989, hardcover, first printing thus, pictorial boards, English-language reprinting of Tintin's rare very first adventure, NM, $35

Hergé, The Adventures of Tintin, Reporter for "Le Petit Vingtieme", In the Congo / Casterman 1991, hardcover, first printing thus, pictorial boards, English-language reprinting of Tintin's second outing, NM SOLD

Hergé, Tintin and the World of Hergé by Benoit Peeters / Methuen 1988, first printing softcover, fascinating exploration of the life and art of Hergé, packed with rare art and illustrations in color and b/w, beautifully done, Fine, $20

Hergé, Tintin et L'Alph-Art / Casterman 1986, 1st edition, French-language hardcover, pictorial boards which open to reveal two volumes, one with Hergé's original pencil art sketches for the story and the other with printed transcription of the text, beautifully done and fascinating look at the process behind Tintin, VG/Fine, $30

Gilbert Hernandez, Heartbreak Soup and other Stories / Fantagraphics 1987, first edition, softcover, collecting some of Hernandez' finest work from Love and Rockets, fine, $10

Hernandez Bros. (related), The Comics Journal #126 / Fantagraphics 1989, magazine, first printing, thick cover feature/interview with the Bros. Hernandez, Fine, $9 click for pic

George Herriman, Krazy Kat / Holt 1946, 1st collection of all-time greatest strip, scarce hardcover is VG+ no dj $75

Herriman, Krazy Kat / Grosset & Dunlap 1977, hardcover, reprints nice selection of strips including many dailies unavailable elsewhere, small color section too, fine book and dj, $40 click for pic

Herriman, Krazy Kat #1 / Street Enterprises 1973, 1st printing, softcover magazine, scarce publication with 1933 dailies reprinted nowhere else, VF/NM, $15 click for pic

Herriman, Krazy & Ignatz vol. 8 -- Inna Yott on the Muddy Geranium / Eclipse 1991, first printing, softcover, more incredible Herriman Sundays, this time the complete year 1923, timeless lyrical masterpieces, NM, $20 click for pic

Herriman, Komplete Kolor Krazy Kat vol. 1 / Remco, great out-of-print all-color Sunday strip collection, book and dj NM, $55

Herriman, Komplete Kolor Krazy Kat vol. 2 / Remco 1990, more terrific full-color strips from 1936-7, this volume very scarce, book and dj VF/NM, $95

Al Hirschfeld, The American Theatre / Braziller 1961, first edition hardcover, stunning early survey of caricatures by the Master, VG+ book, Good dj, $65 click for pic

Hirschfeld, Hirschfeld's World / Abrams 1981, 1st printing thus (originally published in H/C as "World of Hirschfeld"). softcover, includes long autobiographical essay by Hirschfeld and lithos/drawings culled from 50 years of work, impressive book SOLD

Hirschfeld, Hirschfeld - Great Entertainers Interactive CD-ROM / NYT/Jasmine 1995, nice CD-ROM with hundreds of printable celebrity caricatures + audio/video interviews with Hirschfeld and his subjects, still sealed Mint, SOLD click for pic

Hirschfeld, Hirschfeld On Line / Applause 1999, First printing, hardcover, thick coffeetable book loaded with illustrations from Hirschfeld's entire career, NM book and DJ, $40 click for pic

Syd Hoff, Feeling No Pain / Tribune 1944, 1st printing, hardcover, early collection by the ubiquitous gag artist, fine- book in VG+ dj, $25

Hoff, Okay, You Can Look Now! / Duell Sloan & Pearce 1955, 1st printing, hardcover w/pictorial boards, domestic-type cartoons, Good/VG, $12

Hoff, TUFFY #7 / Standard 1950, 1st printing, esoteric comic book with cover-to-cover reprints of Hoff's great humor strips starring the little girl Tuffy, very scarce issue, Fine+, $30 click for pic

Hoff, The Better Hoff / Holt 1961, 1st printing hardcover, marriage and relationships get the Hoff treatment, VG+ book and dj, $20

Hoff, Learning to Cartoon / Stravon 1966, first printing, hardcover, entertaining and instructive advice on cartooning from the master, with numerous examples by the field's best artists including Bushmiller, Caniff, Dedini, Rea, Schulz and many more, VG/Fine book in Good+ dj, $25 click for pic

Burne Hogarth, Tarzan of the Apes / Watson-Guptill 1972, Amazing full-color all-original graphic novel -- Hogarth pulls out all the stops! Fine in VG+ dj, $20

Helen Hokinson, So You're Going to Buy a Book! / Minton Balch 1931, Hokinson's scarce first book, collection of some of her earliest New Yorker cartoons including material not included in the "Hokinson's Festival" compilation, pictorial boards, no dj, VG, SOLD click for pic

Hokinson, There Are Ladies Present / Dutton 1952, 1st printing hardcover, delightful collection of the New Yorker cartoonist's portrayals of Society Matrons, VG book, dj heavy foxing o/w VG, $10

Hokinson, The Hokinson Festival / Dutton 1956, 1st printing hardcover, collects material from 4 of Hokinson's books + 4 New Yorker covers in full color, wonderful stuff, book and dj VG/Fine, $35

F.M. Howarth, Funny Folks / Dutton 1899, one of the very earliest American comic collections, Howarth's cartoons were popular in PUCK and Life in the late 19th century and he later went on to create the newspaper strip "Lulu and Leander", this is surely one of the best existing copies of this VERY rare and fragile oversized book, F/VF, SOLD click for pic

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