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Graphic Novels & Monographs N - Z

Thomas Nast, The Fight at Dame Europa's School / Felt 1871, original hardcover from Nast's era, a fascinating spoof on the Franco-Prussian war with many illustrations, seldom offered, $125 click for pic

Nast, bio by AB Paine, Th. Nast - His Period and His Pictures / Pyne 1974, facsimile of the original 1904 edition, still a great book on Nast, thick with over 425 illustrations, VG+ book and dj, $25

Nast, bio by Morton Keller, The Art and Politics of Thomas Nast / Oxford Univ Pr 1968, OUP maintains its high standards with this scholarly overview of Nast's work, hardcover book and dj fine, $50 ..... another copy, VG/Fine in VG dj $35

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - May 25, 1872, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, nice cover, VG, $35 click for pic

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - Sept 28, 1872, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, U.S. Grant cover, VG, $35 click for pic

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - April 11, 1874, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, neat cover, VG-, $35 click for pic

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - July 18, 1874, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, U.S. Grant cover, VG, $35 click for pic

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - Mar 6, 1875, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, nice cover, Good+, $25 click for pic

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - Aug 10, 1878, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, great Indian cover, VG+, $50 click for pic

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - Nov 1, 1879, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, slavery cover, Good, $45 click for pic

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - Apr 10, 1880, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, nice cover, G/VG, $30 click for pic

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - Sept 6, 1884, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, nice cover, VG-, $30

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - Sept 20, 1884, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, nice cover, VG-, $30

Nast (related), Harper's Weekly - Sept 27, 1884, original complete issue with Nast cover and interior art, nice Tweed cover, VG+, $30

Charles Nelan , Cartoons of our war with Spain / Stokes 1898, first printing, hardcover, pictorial boards, rare book with excellent cartoons by the underrated Nelan, many feature Uncle Sam, VG/Fine, $195 click for pic

Jeff Nicholson, Through the Habitrails / Bad Habit 1994, 1st printing, softcover, original and well-done, VF+ $10

Frederick Opper, Aesop's Fables / Lippincott 1917, rare hardcover, Second Edition, 100 b/w and color (!) cartoons by Opper to illustrate the classic fables of Aesop, a gem for Opper fans, SOLD click for pic

Opper, Willie and His Papa (and the rest of the family) / Grosset & Dunlap first printing, hardcover, 1901, Outstanding collection of cartoons featuring Opper's unforgettable portrayal of "The Trusts" personified as a potbellied "papa" controlling the moves of McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt, last (blank page) missing o/w VG++, Rare!, $395 for pic see bottom of page

Opper, Happy Hooligan (and his brother Gloomy Gus) / NY American Journal 1902, the first HH collection and one of the first American comic books, collects Sunday color strips in large format, good-, Rare!, SOLD

Opper, Maud / Stokes 1906, first collection of Maud the Mule strips in large color format, nice tight VG copy with light faded inscription at bottom of front cover, Overstreet says 'scarce', SOLD

Richard Outcault, Buster Brown / Dover 1974, softcover book reprints Buster Brown & His Resolutions from 1904, full color repros, VG+, $15

Outcault, Buster Brown / Hyperion 1977, rare 1st printing hardcover edition, reprints strips from 1906, VF/NM, $95

Outcault, R.F. Outcault's The Yellow Kid / Kitchen Sink 1995, 1st printing hardcover, reprints the entire run of the Yellow Kid in full color with scholarly commentary, the definitive look at this historically important strip, NM $45

Virgil Partch "VIP", Water on the Brain / McBride 1945, 1st printing hardcover, scarce early book by VIP, book fine, dj VG, $45 click for pic

Partch, New Cartoons By VIP / Fawcett 1949, magazine, first printing, rare collection of original Partch material, Fine+, $30 click for pic

Partch, Bottle Fatigue / Duell Sloan & Pearce 1950, 1st printing, pictorial boards, alcohol-themed cartoon collection, VG, $20

Partch, Here We Go Again / Duell Sloan 1951, 1st printing, pictorial boards, more inspired lunacy, VG, $20

Partch, The Wild Wild Women / Duell Sloan 1951, 1st printing, pictorial boards, VIP casts his jaded eye on the fair sex, VG/fine, $20

Partch, Man the Beast / Duell Sloan 1953, 1st printing, pictorial boards, more on the battle of the sexes, Fine, $30

Partch, The Dead Game Sportsmen / Duell Sloan 1954, 1st printing, pictorial boards, VIP focuses his sights on the Outside Life, VG/Fine, $25

Partch, Hanging Way Over / Duell Sloan 1955, 1st printing, hardcover, pictorial boards, scarce later book in this series, Fine-, $30 click for pic

Charles Payne, Nippy's Pop / Saalfield 1917, oblong folio with pictorial cardboard covers, reprints strips by the cartoonist Charles Schulz cited as an influence, covers split at spine, insides VG, $50

Payne, S'Matter Pop? -- Comic Monthly #3 / Embee 1922, 3rd issue of rare early comic series collects Payne's great strip, Good, SOLD click for pic

Mary Petty, This Petty Pace / Knopf 1945, 1st printing, Petty was married to Alan Dunn, also one of the New Yorker's best, fine- book, dj VG- with some chipping at corners, $75 click for pic ... another copy, 2nd printing, book and dj VG $45

Petty (related), The New Yorker -- July 18, 1942, complete copy of this vintage mag with one of Petty's most famous and celebrated covers, gorgeous VF, $30 click for pic

Petty (related), The New Yorker -- Oct. 21, 1961, nice vintage issue with a great Petty cover, inside are cartoons by all the greats including Steinberg, Dunn, Dedini, Addams, F/VF, SOLD click for pic

Bill Plympton, Mutant Aliens / NBM 2000, first printing, softcover, shot directly from the pencils which were meant to storyboard an animated feature, NM, $10

Mac Raboy, Mac Raboy's Captain Marvel Jr. - Special Edition Series 3 / Light 1975, softcover reprints Raboy's Cap. Marvel Jr. stories from Master Comics #27-42, most with WWII themes/Capt. Nazi, b/w repro but decent, very scarce book, VF/NM, $120 click for pic

Alex Raymond, Flash Gordon / Nostalgia Press 1967, First edition, hardcover, the best reproduction EVER of Raymond's influential strips in this Giant 14 1/2" x 11 1/2" oblong folio, later printing was shrunk and no other book captures the brushwork so faithfully, Fine book in VG+ dj, SOLD

Gardner Rea, Gardner Rea's Sideshow / McBride 1945, second printing, hardcover, terrific collection of Rea's cartoons from New Yorker and other mags, VG+ book in VG- dj, $25 click for pic

Georges Remi, see under Hergé

Mischa Richter, This One's on Me! / Whittlesey House 1945, first edition, hardcover, nice gag collection, G/VG book and dj, $10 click for pic

Marti Riera, The Cabbie / Catalan 1987, 1st printing, softcover, English edition of Marti's Dick Tracy-ish graphic novel, intro by art Spiegelman, fine, $15

W. Heath Robinson, Some Frightful War Pictures / Duckworth & Co. 1916, large hardcover, 2nd printing of 1st edition, wonderful collection of Robinson's clever cartoons, VG+ book with Fair dust jacket, $120 click for pic

Robinson, William Heath Robinson by James Hamilton / Pavilion 1995, first edition, softcover, brilliant scholarly illustrated biography with tons of rare cartoons and pictures in color and b/w, Fine, $25

"Spain" Rodriguez, Trashman Lives! - The Collected Stories from 1968 to 1985 / Fantagraphics 1989, first edition, softcover, excellent anthology of Spain's Trashman strips from Subvert, Zap and other sources, NM, $15 click for pic

Gordon "Boody" Rogers, Deadwood Gulch / Dell 1931, same 10 x 10 format as Cupples & Leon, rare early book by cult-fave Rogers (his first?) before he went on to create Sparky Watts, Babe, and his other unforgettable characters for comic books, nice VG/fine copy, SOLD

Rogers, Homeless Bound / Rogers 1984, self-published auto-biography, hilarious anecdotes (some off-color) about his long life in the army and comic world, h/c no dj as issued, inscribed and signed by Rogers, VF+, $35

Don Rosa, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck / Gladstone 1997, hardcover signed/#ed edition, limited to 1000 copies, reprints Rosa's masterpiece which was serialized in Uncle Scrooge, SOLD

Rosa, Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Adventures in Color Part One / Gladstone 1997, first printing, softcover, first of four volumes reprinting early Rosa Scrooge stories, this volume reprints "Son of the Sun", Rosa's very first story from Uncle Scrooge #219, as well as U.S. #224, VF, $15 click for pic

Rosa, Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Adventures in Color Part Two / Gladstone 1997, first printing, softcover, second volume reprints "Last Sled to Dawson" from US Adv #5, plus the Rosas stories from US #220 and #226, best printing ever for these great stories, VF, $15

Rosa, Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Adventures in Color Part Four / Gladstone 1997, first printing, softcover, fourth volume reprints "His Majesty McDuck" from US Adv #14, plus the Rosas stories from US #227 and #235, best printing ever for these great stories, VF, $15

Rosa, The Captain Kentucky Collection / Pertwillaby 1981, seldom seen vintage Rosa, magazine format, VF, $15 click for pic

Rosa, Don Rosa's Comics and Stories #1 / Fantagraphics 1983, scarce mag reprints Rosa's Pertwillaby Papers, mayhem in the duck vein without the ducks, fine/Vf, $25

Rosa, Don Rosa's Comics and Stories #2 / fantagraphics 1983, scarce mag continues with early Rosa reprints featuring his wonderfully detailed art, VF+, $25

Rosa, Donald Duck Adventures #8 / Gladstone 1988, first edition comic book with 18-page Rosa story "The Crocodile Collector" + cover and reprint by Barks, NM $5

Rosa, Uncle Scrooge #219 / Gladstone 1987, first edition with Rosa's very first Scrooge story ever, "Son of the Sun", NM $15 click for pic

Rosa, Uncle Scrooge #235 / Gladstone 1989, first edition comic book with 10-page Rosa story "The Curse of Nostrildamus", NM $5

Rosa, Uncle Scrooge Adventures #14 / Gladstone 1989, first edition comic book with book-length 28-page Rosa classic "His Majesty, McDuck", NM $5

Rosa, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #531 / Gladstone 1988, first edition comic book with 10-page Rosa duck story "Metaphorically Spanking" + reprints by Barks and others, Walt Kelly cover, NM, $5

Carl Rose, One Dozen Roses / Random House 1946, 1st printing, excellent first book by New Yorker cartoonist Rose, book fine-, scarce dj good, missing piece of front panel, $35 click for pic... another copy, good w/no dj $15

Arnold Roth, A Comick Book of Sports / Scribners 1974, first edition, hardcover, obscure book by the talented cartoonist features his take on the world of sports, VG+, no dj $15 click for pic

Alex Schomburg also see Pulps section for some stunning Schomburg covers!

Schomburg, CHROMA: The Art of Alex Schomburg by Jon Gustafson / Father Tree Press 1986, 1st printing, softcover, fantastic book with bio and excellent reproductions of Schomburg's amazingly detailed, action-packed covers for pulps and comic books as well as his gorgeous s-f paintings, NM, $35 click for pic

Charles Schulz, Peanuts / Holt, Rinehart 1952, first printing of the first (and only) edition, softcover, the 1st Peanuts book ever and it reprints embryonic early strips Schulz never allowed to be reprinted, VG+ $95 click for pic

Schulz, Snoopy / Rinehart 1958, 1st printing, softcover, VG+, $15

Schulz, Peanuts Revisited / Rinehart 1959, 1st printing hardcover, perhaps the scarcest Peanuts book, contains some strips reprinted nowhere else, VG+ book and dj, $50 click for pic

Schulz, Peanuts Every Sunday / Holt 1961, 1st printing, softcover, oblong collection of Sunday strips, fine, $25

Schulz, You Can't Win, Charlie Brown / Holt 1962, 1st printing, softcover, fine-, $20

Schulz, Snoopy, Come Home / Holt 1962, 1st printing, softcover, Vg/Fine, $15

Schulz, We're Right Behind You, Charlie Brown / Holt 1964, 1st printing, softcover, G/VG, $10

Schulz, As You Like It, Charlie Brown / Holt 1964, 1st printing, softcover, Fine, $15

Schulz, Sunday's Fun Day, Charlie Brown / Holt 1965, 1st printing, softcover, VG+, $15

Schulz, You Need Help, Charlie Brown / Holt 1965, 1st printing, softcover, G/VG, $10

Schulz, The Unsinkable Charlie Brown / Holt 1966, later printing, softcover, VG+, $10

Schulz, You'll Flip, Charlie Brown / Holt 1967, 1st printing, softcover, Fine, $15

Schulz, You're Something Else, Charlie Brown / Holt 1967, 1st printing, softcover, VG, $12

Schulz, You're You, Charlie Brown / Holt 1968, 1st printing, softcover, VF with light soiling to bc, nice copy, $15

Schulz, You've Had It, Charlie Brown / Holt 1969, 1st printing, softcover, VF slight fading at spine, nice copy, $15

Schulz, You've Come a Long Way, Charlie Brown / Holt 1971, 1st printing, softcover, F/VF, prime Schulz, $20 click for pic

Schulz, Snoopy's Tennis Book / Holt 1979, first edition, softcover, obscure paperback with all Tennis-related strips, includes color section with art (unique to this book?), VG+, $12 click for pic

Schulz, Classroom Peanuts / Holt 1982, first printing, hardcover, pictorial boards, scarce book with great selection of school-related strips in color and b/w, VF/NM, $35 click for pic

Schulz, Sandlot Peanuts / Holt, first printing, hardcover, many classic Baseball-themed strips are collected in this uncommon title, Fine book and dj, $35

Schulz, The Graphic Art of Charles Schulz - The Oakland Museum / Oakland Mus. 1985, 1st printing, softcover, Catalogue from the Retrospective Exhibition with text and many reproductions of original art from Schulz' own collection, VG+, SOLD

Schulz, Around the World in 45 Years / Andrews & McMeel 1994, 1st printing, softcover, full year of strips with long intro by Schulz, VG/Fine, $20 click for pic

Schulz (related), NEMO magazine #31/32 / Fantagraphics 1992, stiff-covered magazine, first printing, double issue with long Schulz interview plus article on George Herriman, Sterret's 'Polly and her Pals' reprints and more, VF/NM, $10

Maurice Sendak w/Matthew Margolis, Some Swell Pup or Are You Sure You Want a Dog? / Farrar Straus 1976, 1st printing, hardcover, children's book told completely in comic form with panels and word balloons, Fine book dj VG $15 click for pic

Sendak (related), The New Yorker - Sept. 27, 1993 / magazine, beautiful Sendak cover (his only?), VF, $5 click for pic

Seth, It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken / Drawn & Quarterly 1996, deluxe hardcover version, signed & #ed, limited to 500 copies, this is #69, beautifully executed story originally serialized in his Palookaville comic, NM, $100

Dr. Seuss, The Seven Lady Godivas / Random House 1987, hardcover, first thus, reprinting the rare 1939 original with Suess' farcical nudes, NM book and dj, $20 click for pic

Seuss, Dr. Seuss from Then to Now / Random House 1986, 1st printing hardcover, fantastic collection of rare art and pieces, many from a Museum retrospective, essential for the Seuss-fanatic, VF book in Fine dj with couple small tears, $35 click for pic

Seuss, The Tough Coughs As He Ploughs the Dough / Morrow 1987, hardcover, great book reprints earliest cartoons by Seuss from LIFE and JUDGE magazines and more, F/VF book and dj, $20 click for pick

Seuss, The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss / Random House 1995, first edition later printing, hardcover, intro by Maurice Sendak, this eye-popping look at Seuss' "Fine Art" projects will amaze even jaded fans, F/VF book and dj, $35

Gilbert Shelton, Wonder Wart-Hog and the Battle of the Titans! / Rip Off Press1989, comic book, the classic Shelton epic, Fine/VF, $10

Joe Shuster with Jerry Siegel, Siegel and Shuster -- Dateline 1930's #1 / Eclipse1984, comic magazine with previously unpublished vintage strips by the creators of Superman in color and b/w, + rare art and interviews, F/VF, $10

Shuster with Siegel, Superman: the Sunday Classics / Kitchen Sink 1998, first edition, hardcover in slipcase, beautifully reproduces all of the color Sunday newspaper strips, fine book in VG/Fine slipcase, $50

Joe Simon, see also Jack Kirby

Simon, The Comic Book Makers / Crestwood 1990, 1st printing, softcover, autobiography from the other half of the Simon & Kirby team, nice illustrations, VF+, $30 click for pic

Sidney Smith, The Gumps Cartoon Book (No.8) / National Arts 1931, large folio reprint book, the last Gumps collection by Smith, VG/F, $95

Smith, The Gumps - no. 2 / Cupples & Leon 1925, reprints from Smith's oft-overlooked classic strip, Gd+, $45

Smith, The Gumps - no. 5 / Cupples & Leon 1928, more reprints of Smith's hilarious strips, Gd/VG, $50

Smith, Sidney Smith's The Gumps / Scribners 1974, 1st printing of fabulous Gumps collection with short bio of Smith, fine book VG dj, SOLD

Smythe, The Flippin' Best of Andy Capp / Doubleday 1970, first printing, oblong hardcover, pictorial boards, uncommon collection of the Cockney couple's early newspaper strips, VG+, $16

Otto Soglow, Pretty Pictures / Farrar & Rinehart 1931, first edition, hardcover, Soglow's first collection (?) of cartoons from New Yorker, Judge & Life magazines, quite uncommon, VG+ book, no dj, $65 click for pic

Soglow, Everthing's Rosy / T Werner Laurie Ltd 1933, First UK edition, unique and scarce early effort by the creator of the Little King, comes with original red cellophane sheet to lay over each cartoon page to reveal the hidden visual "punchline", pictorial boards, repair to outer spine (?) o/w VG++, $125

Soglow, Wasn't the Depression Terrible? / Covici/Friede 1934, this rare cartoon collection came out in the heart of the Depression; somehow, Soglow found a way to make economic disaster humourous, SOLD click for pic .... another copy, no dj, good, $25

Spain, see under Rodriguez

Art Spiegelman, Breakdowns / Belier 1977, oversize hardcover, pictorial boards, 1st printing of Spiegelman's super-rare 1st book, Spiegelman drew a great sketch in and signed this copy!, fine-, $450 click for pic

Spiegelman, Maus - vol. 1 & 2 / Pantheon, hardcovers in pictorial slipcase, VF/NM, $40

Spiegelman, The Complete MAUS CD-Rom / Voyager 1994(?), fascinating CD-Rom contains all of MAUS vol. 1 & 2 + tons of special interactive supplements such as sketches, photos, videos, alternate drafts etc., NM disc and box, SOLD click for pic

Spiegelman, Open Me ... I'm A Dog / Cotler 1997, 1st printing, Spiegelman's book for the kiddies, small hardcover with one pop-up and a few other "interactive features", pictorial boards, this copy signed/inscribed by Spiegelman with a sketch of a puppy, NM, $35 .... another copy as above but unsigned, $15

Spiegelman, Comix, Essays, Graphics and Scraps / Sellerio 1999, large softcover with copious illustrations, 2nd printing (the first printing rumored to have been recalled due to poor binding glue resulting in loose pages), German and English text, fantastic overview of Spiegelman's career collects scarce underground comix and New Yorker art in one book + plus illustrated lectures on comics history, never released to bookstores, this copy signed/inscribed with a sketch of Happy Hooligan by Spiegelman, NM, $85

Spiegelman (related), ARTFORUM International Magazine -- December 1990, thick glossy mag contains superb 1-page full color piece by Spiegelman reviewing the "High/Low" Art show at MOMA, VG/Fine, $10

Leslie Starke, Starke Parade / Doubleday 1959, first printing hardcover, cartoons from the New Yorker, Punck and other magazines by the talented and prolific Starke, VF book, price-clipped fine dj, $25 click for pic

William Steig, Man About Town / Long & Smith 1932, first printing, hardcover, Steig's scarce first collection of cartoons from the New Yorker, Judge etc., Fine- in VG+ dj, $95 .... another copy, G/VG, no dj, $20

Steig, Small Fry / Duell Sloan 1944, first edition, hardcover, charming and hilarious collection of cartoons by Steig, VG- no dj, $15 .... another copy, 2nd printing, Fine- in scarce Good+ dj, $20 click for pic

Steig (related), The New Yorker -- July 17, 1943, complete copy of this vintage mag with terrific WWII-related cover by Steig, gorgeous VF, $30 click for pic

Saul Steinberg, All in Line / Duell, Sloan & Pearce 1945, 1st printing of first collection of cartoons, mostly from the New Yorker, by this fascinating artist, scarcer title, VG/Fine book G/VG dj, $75 click for pic.... another copy, first edition, G/VG, no dj, $30

Steinberg, The Art of Living / Harper 1949, 1st printing, hardcover, Steinberg's second collection contains about 2/3 original material, Fine- book and VG dust jacket, $65

Steinberg, The Passport / Harper 1954, 1st printing , hardcover, essential Steinberg book, VG book and dust jacket, $60

Steinberg, The Inspector / Viking 1973, hardcover, 1st printing, Fine+ book and VG+ dj, $45 .... another copy, first printing softcover, VG/F $25

Steinberg, Saul Steinberg - text by Harold Rosenberg / Knopf 1978, softcover, incredible survey of Steinberg's life and career, profusely illustrated in color and b/w, fine+, $25

Steinberg, The Discovery of America / Knopf 1992, 1st printing, hardcover, deluxe book packed with rarely seen Steinberg art, beautiful reproductions with tons in full color, VF book, dj F/VF with small razor slit, $50

Steinberg, Saul Steinberg / Institut Valencia D'Art Modern 2002, 1st printing, softcover, thick 160+ page catalog with repros of rare original art + essays by Roland Barthes, Italo Calvino, Dore Ashton and more, Italian and English language translations, Very Fine, $50

Steinberg (related), The New Yorker -- Jan. 28, 1961, nice vintage issue with a great Steinberg cover, inside are cartoons by all the greats including Hoff, Price, Addams, Fine with faint center crease, $9 click for pic

Steinberg (related), The New Yorker -- Sept. 9, 1961, nice vintage issue with a great Steinberg cover, inside are cartoons by all the greats including Dunn, Hoff, Addams, Fine with faint center crease, $9 click for pic

Steinberg (related), The New Yorker -- July 1, 1967, nice vintage issue from the Summer of Love with a patriotic cover by Steinberg, Fine- $9

Steinberg (related), Grand Street #36 / Grand Street 1990, art/literary journal with Steinberg cover and feature + John Ashberry, William Eggleston and much more, Fine+, $12 click for pic

Alexandre Steinlen also see" L'Assiette au Beurre" in Anthologies section

Steinlen, Alexandre Steinlen - Un Grand Imagier par Francis Jourdain / Editions Cercle D'Art 1954, 1st printing hardcover, French-language survey with great selection of Steinlen art including some color, VG no dj, $15

James Steranko, The Steranko History of Comics vol. 1 / Supergraphics 1970, jumbo-size softcover, still one of the best surveys of Golden Age comic books and artists, covers the Pulps, DC and Timely, much scarcer than vol. 2, fine, $25

Steranko, The Steranko History of Comics vol. 2 / Supergraphics 1972, jumbo-sized softcover companion to vol. 1, continues with Quality, Fox and other publishers, very fine, $15

Cliff Sterrett, Complete Color Polly and Her Pals vol. 1 / Remco/Kitchen Sink 1990, great out-of-print Sunday strip collection from 1920s, book and dj VF+, $40

Sterrett, Complete Color Polly and Her Pals vol. 2 / Remco/Kitchen Sink 1991, more incredible stuff from Sterrett -- too bad this fantastic series was not continued, much scarcer than vol. 1, book VF+, dj fine with small tear, $95

Sterrett, Polly and Her Pals - A Complete Compilation 1912-1913 / Hyperion 1977, impossible-to-find 1st printing softcover collects the entire first year's daily strips, slight wear to cover, VG+, $50 click for pic

Sterrett, Polly and Her Pals - Comic Strip Showcase 2 / Arcadia 1990, obscure softcover reprints prime Polly dailies from 11/30 - 12/31, Sterrett in fine form, sharp reproduction, NM, $20

Sterrett, Polly and Her Pals #1 - 5/ Eternity1990, complete collection of mini-series reprinting all of the dailies from 1927, great stuff, VF-NM, the lot $15

George Storm, Bobby Thatcher - including Phil Hardy / Hyperion 1977, 1st printing softcover, obscure volume from Hyperion's great but short-lived series, nice art by Storm, VG/F, $20

T. S. Sullivant, Sullivant's ABC Zoo / Old Wine Press 1946, hardcover, first printing thus, hard to believe this incredible collection of Sullivant's charming anthropomorphic cartoon critters is the only book collection devoted to this seminal artist, this limited edition reprint of the super-rare turn-of-the-century original is itself a rarity, not listed in Oversteet, VG- no dj, $395 click for pic

James Swinnerton, James Swinnerton - The Artist and His Work by Harold Davidson / Hearst 1985, first printing, hardcover, oblong-format book, nice bio w/photos + loads of Swinnerton art (much in color), including his paintings and comic strips, uncommon, Fine- book and dj w/faded spine, $35 click for pic

Arthur Szyk, The New Order / Putnam 1941, first printing, hardcover, color and b/w cartoons by the great Polish artist focus on WWII/Axis subjects, Fine- book, VG+ dj, $175 click for pic

Szyk (related), Collier's -- February 27, 1943, complete copy of this vintage mag with one of Szyk's amazing WWII-related covers, this one depicting Axis leaders Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito, Fine-, $75 click for pic

Richard Taylor, The Better Taylors / Random House 1944, first cartoon collection by great gag artist, VG+, $40

Taylor, Introduction to Cartooning / Watson-Guptill 1947, 1st printing, practical and comprehensive instruction book by the veteran New Yorker cartoonist, scarce, VG+ book in VG dj, $25 click for pic

Taylor, By the Dawn's Ugly Light / Holt 1953, pictorial boards, no dj (as issued), seldom seen treatise on hangovers, VG, $15

John Tenniel, Cartoons by Sir John Tenniel / Punch (London) (nd, 1901?), hardcover, large thick book with over 175 pages of Tenniel's best work from Punch, superb reproduction, clean sharp pages, 2 corners slightly bumped, VG, $95 click for pic

Rodolphe Topffer, Enter: The Comics -- Rodolphe Topffer's Essay on Physiognomy and the True Story of Monsieur Crepin translated/ed. by Ellen Wiese / Univ of Nebraska 1965, first printing hardcover, fascinating scholarly book reveals development of Topffer's artistic vision of iconic shorthand, told in his own words, plus erudite commentary and a complete story reprinted and translated into English, essential reference, scarce, Fine book and dj $95.... another copy, no dj, $35

Alex Toth, Buried Treasure #3 / Pure Imagination 1987, magazine, first printing, this issue devoted to Toth with many great reprints, VF, $15 click for pic

Toth, Alex Toth / Kitchen Sink 1995, first edition, softcover, incredible overview of Toth's art and career, Fine-, $65

Harry Tuthill, The Bungle Family - 1928 / Hyperion 1977, 1st printing softcover, one of the best of the Hyperion series with a rare look at Tuthill's stark, unsentimental yet strangely powerful strip, all dailies from 1928 are collected, spine faded, o/w fine, $35

Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey and Sarge / Dell 1958, first printing, softcover, the first collection of Beetle strips, sharp copy with light fading at spine, Fine+, $30 click for pic

Lynd Ward, Storyteller Without Words - The Wood Engravings of Lynd Ward / Abrams 1974, 1st printing, enormous hardcover reprints all of Ward's Woodcut Novels and book illustrations, hard-to-find, Fine+ book and dj, $295

Frank Willard, Moon Mullins - Two Adventures / Dover 1976, 1st edition thus, softcover, unabridged reprint of Cupples & Leon #3 (1929) & #5 (1931), F/VF, $12 click for pic

Gluyas Williams, The Best of Gluyas Williams / Dover 1971, 1st edition softcover, generous and well-chosen selection of Williams' stylish cartoons, F/VF, $15

Gluyas Williams, Fellow Citizens / Doubleday Doran 1940, first printing, hardcover with pictorial design on boards, intro by Robert Benchley, nice package, fine- no dj, $30

Robert Williams, Zombie Mystery Paintings / Blackthorne 1986, first printing, softcover, Williams analyzes his own outrageous paintings, intro by R. Crumb, VF+, $20

R. Williams, Hysteria in Remission - the Comix & Drawings of Robt. Williams / Fantagraphics 2002, first printing, softcover, enormous compilation of Williams' comics work, VF, $30

Al Williamson, Flash Gordon - The Movie / Golden 1980, 1st printing hardcover, pictorial boards, obscure book with excellent art by Williamson, VG+ $10

Al Williamson, The Art of Al Williamson by James Van Hise / Blue Dolphin 1983, 1st printing softcover, well-done survey of Williamson's career with articles and illustrations galore, fine, $15

Gahan Wilson, "... and then we'll get him!" / Marek 1978, 1st edition later printing, softcover, this copy signed and inscribed with sketch by Wilson, VF/NM, $25

Wilson, Gahan Wilson's America / Simon & Schuster 1985, first printing hardcover, nice collection of cartoons, Fine book VG+ dj, $25 click for pic

Barry Windsor-Smith, OPUS / Fantagraphics 1999, 1st printing of what was said to be the fastest sellout in Fantagraphics publishing history, lavishly produced hardcover, review copy w/original press releases, NM, $35

Basil Wolverton, Basil Wolverton in Space / Dark Horse 1997, first printing, softcover, thick paperback with b/w reprints of many s-f strips including Spacehawk, Space Patrol, Supersonic Sammy, Milt Archer and others, nice package, fine-, SOLD click for pic

Wolverton, Basil Wolverton's Planet of Terror / Dark Horse 1987, first printing, comic book, b/w reprints of Wolverton's best s-f pre-code stories along with a nice overview, VF, $7

Wolverton, Basil Wolverton's Space Funnies / Archival Photography 1990, first printing, comic book, reprints first 3 "Spacehawk" tales in vivid color shot directly from the original comics, best repro ever of this cool Wolverton s-f world, NM, $15 click for pic

Wolverton, FOOPGOOP Frolics -- Frantic Funnies Folio / Glen Bray 1975, first printing, enormous folio-size softcover, limited to 1200 copies, great format to see Wolverton's art in giant, crisp detail at "original-art" size, a stunning package, VF, $100 click for pic

Wolverton, INTENSE! #1, 3 / Pure Imagination 1993-4, first printing comic books, set of 2 issues with great b/w reprints, includes humor and s-f stories, both NM, the set $15

Wolverton, Powerhouse Pepper / Fantagraphics 1994, first printing, softcover, crisp b/w repros of some classic Wolverton stories, including a few "Supersonic Sammy"s as well, NM, $20

Wolverton, Wolvertoons / Fantagraphics 1989, first printing, hardcover, beautifully printed giant collection of Wolverton art, NM book and dj, $35 ... another copy, first printing softcover, NM $16

Wally Wood, The Wizard King / W Wood 1978, self-published graphic novel by one of comics greatest artists, uncommon in this original edition, book VF and dj near Fine, $75 click for pic

Wood, Odkin Son of Odkin / Wood 1981, self-published sequel to "The Wizard King" in same format, quite scarce hardcover, VF book in VG+ dj, $75

Wood, The King of the World / Triton/Sea Gate 1978, first printing thus, softcover, full color edition of the Wizard King, uncommon, $35 click for pic

Wood, Heroes Inc. presents, CANNON / 1969, superb copy of vintage comic book with unique collaboration of Steve Ditko and Wood, bullets and broads, NM, $10

Wood, The Marvel Comics Art of Wally Wood / Thumbtack 1982, hardcover, pictorial boards, reprints misc. Wood shorts from his years at Marvel in color, nice selection, NM, $25 click for pic

Wood, with Will Eisner, The Outer Space Spirit, 1952 / Kitchen Sink 1983, 1st printing softcover, outstanding compilation by two of comics' greatest artists, hard to find, VG+ $25

Wood, Wally Wood - Comic Book Master by Richard Pryor / Pryor 1992, seldom-seen self-published bio/scrapbook by Wood's friend, lavishly illustrated in b/w and color, with interviews, correspondence and photographs and much rare/unpublished art and sketches, NM, SOLD

Wood, WOODWORK #1 / Crouch 1980, first edition, softcover, collects Wood's amazing work from Witzend, scarce, VF, $45 click for pic

Wood, The Woodwork Gazette #'s 1-3 / Wood 1978-9, set of first three issues of Wood's self-published newsletter, with articles and art by Wood, rarely offered, NM, $45

Wood, Wallace Wood Portfolio / 1970's, this is the 16-page black & white sampler Wood sent to prospective clients, nice art pieces from comics and ads including the famous Alka-Seltzer ad, NM, $20

Wood, The Complete Sally Forth / Fantagraphics 1998, first edition, softcover, giant book collects of all Wood's sexy strips, NM, $20

Jim Woodring, Jim / Fantagraphics 1993, 1st edition, softcover, collects material from Jim #1-4 plus some new material, b/w and color, intro by Mark Martin, NM, $25 click for pic

Art Young, Trees At Night / Boni & Liveright 1927, 1st edition, collects Young's popular series from Saturday Evening Post, VG+ no dj, $65

Young, Art Young's Inferno / Delphic 1934, blistering satire in one of Young's best books, 1st printing, VG/Fine book with rare dj in Fair/Good with few missing pieces, $85

Young, The Best of Art Young / Vanguard 1936, scarce collection by socially-conscious artist/founder of The Masses, nice VG+ copy in rare dj, $75

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