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Anthologies & Books about Comics

Archie Comics, Archie - His First 50 Years by Charles Phillips / Abbeville 1991, first printing, hardcover, full color reprints of Archies early classic stories from Pep and his own title, superb reproduction quality, VG+ book and dj, $35

"L'Assiette au Beurre" ... also see Steinlen under "S" in Monographs section

"L'Assiette au Beurre", French Satirical Drawings from "L'Assiette au Beurre" transl. and text by Stanley Appelbaum / Dover 1978, 1st edition softcover, excellent survey with intorductory article and English translation of all captions, artists include Steinlen, Juan Gris, Jacques Villon and many others, some color, fine+, $15

Stephen Becker, Comic Art in America / Simon & Schuster 1959, first printing, hardcover, lavishly illustrated survey of America's greatest cartoon art, intro by Rube Goldberg, VG+ book G/VG dj, $30 click for pic

Mike Benton, Horror Comics: the Illustrated History Taylor 1991, 1st printing, hardcover, volume 1 in the 5 volume Comics History series and the scarcest by far, nice overview of the Horror genre with excellent illustrations, VF/NM book and dj, $95

Benton, Superhero Comics of the Silver Age / Taylor 1991, 1st printing, hardcover, volume 2 revisits the Silver Age, VF/NM book and dj but dj price-clipped on inside flap, $30

Benton, Crime Comics, The Illustrated History / Taylor 1993, volume 5, series concludes with exploration of crime genre, book and dj fine, $25

Cartoonist PROfiles Magazine original copies of the '70's pro-zine

Cartoonist PROfiles #10 6/71 -- Chon Day, DeCarlo, MAD -- F/VF . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10

Cartoonist PROfiles #11 9/71 -- Neal Adams, Ketcham, Don Martin -- F/VF . . . . . . . $12

Cartoonist PROfiles #12 10/71 - Schulz, Lee Lorenz, Swinnerton -- F/VF . . . . . . . $15

Cartoonist PROfiles #13 3/72 -- Sagendorf, Jerry Robinson, Toth -- Fine . . . . . . . $12

Cartoonist PROfiles #14 6/72 -- R. Myers, Neal Adams, Milt Gross -- F/VF . . . . . . . $15

Cartoonist PROfiles #15 9/72 -- Herge, Ward Kimball, A. Andriola -- F/VF . . . . . . . $12

Cartoonist PROfiles #16 12/72 - Dale Messick, Arriola, Paul Coker -- VF- . . . . . . . . $10

Cartoonist PROfiles #17 3/73 -- Chester Gould, Jospeh Farris, Stan Drake -- F/VF . . . $10

Cartoonist PROfiles #45 3/80 -- F.Opper article, cover shows Pope with Mickey Mouse book -- Fine . . . $12

Cartoonist PROfiles #86 6/90 -- Bugs Bunny, Garrity, Sidney Harris -- Fine . . . $10

Cartoonist PROfiles #98 6/93 -- Sergio Aragones, Randall Eno, Linda Miller -- VG/Fine . . . $8

Thomas Craven, ed., Cartoon Cavalcade / Simon & Schuster 1943, 1st printing, hardcover, one of THE best anthologies ever, 450 pages of well-chosen cartoons including rare pre-1900 stuff by AB Frost, Homer Davenport, and many more, a Highly recommended book, VG/Fine in scarce fragile VG+ dj, $30 click for pic .... another copy, VG, no dj, $14

Hubert Crawford, Crawford's Encyclopedia of Comic Books / Jonathan David 1978, first edition, hardcover, excellent well-organized overview of comic books' glory years, usefully arranged by publishers, good choice of illustrations, uncommon book, fine book and dj, $45 click for pic

Les Daniels, COMIX -- A History of Comic Books in America / Outerbridge & Dienstfrey 1971, 1st printing hardcover, earthy and opinionated, still one of the best overviews of American comics, later printings abound but the first edition is uncommon, corner cut from first blank page, book o/w fine, dj VG, $30 click for pic

"DC Comics", sorted by title; see also individual artists in the Graphic Novels & Monographs section ...

"DC Comics", America at War - The Best of DC War Comics / Fireside/Simon & Schuster 1979, softcover, classic war reprints by Kirby, Toth, Heath, et al., fine, $65

"DC Comics", Batman - from the 30's to the 70's / Crown 1971, 1st printing, while the later Bonanza reprint is seen infrequently the true first edition by Crown is very scarce, especially in nice shape; book and dj VF+, $100 .... another copy, this one is the Bonanza edition, book VF dj VG+, $45

"DC Comics", DC ARCHIVES -- All in-print are available at 10% off of cover price; also, the following scarce out-of-print 1st editions:

. . . . . . . .Batman Archives - Vol. 1 / DC 1990, 1st printing, Batman's adventures from Detective Comics #27-50, NM, $75

. . . . . . . .The Dark Knight Archives - Vol. 1 / DC 1992, 1st printing, from Batman #1-4, VF/NM, $50

. . . . . . . .The Green Lantern Archives - Vol. 1 / DC 1993, 1st printing, GL's great Gil Kane-drawn adventures, VF/NM, $50

. . . . . . . .Legion of Super-Heroes - Vol. 1 / DC 1991, 1st printing, earliest exploits of the superteam, NM, $50

. . . . . . . .SHAZAM! Archives - Vol. 1 / DC 1992, 1st printing, from Whiz #2-15, VF/NM, $60

. . . . . . . .Superman Archives - Vol. 1 / DC 1989, 1st printing, first four issues of Superman, NM, $50

"DC Comics", Famous First Edition C-26: ACTION Comics #1 / Lyle Stuart 1974, scarce hardcover edition reprints the most valuable comic book in the world in giant format, book and dj very fine, $100

"DC Comics", Famous First Edition F-4: WHIZ Comics #2 / Lyle Stuart 1974, scarce hardcover edition reprints first Capt. Marvel appearance in giant format, very fine book and dj, $125

"DC Comics", The Golden Age of Superman / Artabras 1993, first edition hardcover reproduces classic Superman covers from Action Comics circa 1930's-1950's, nice collection, book and dj VF+, $20

"DC Comics", Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told / DC 1988, hardcover, fine, dj VG+, $25

"DC Comics", Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told / DC 1988, hardcover, fine+ W/DJ, $20

"DC Comics", SHAZAM! From the 40's to the 70's / Harmony 1977, by far the most difficult-to-find of the series, this great compilation reprints the first appearances of not only Capt. Marvel, but Capt. Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, and many of the the great villains; along with the Monster Society reprint (See Monographs - C.C.Beck), this book is a great resource for fans of the big red cheese, fine book in VG+ dj, SOLD click for pic

"DC Comics", Superman - from the 30's to the 70's / Crown 1971, 1st printing, while the later Bonanza reprint is rather common the true first edition is scarce, especially in nice shape; book and dj VF+, $85

"DC Comics", Tales of the Dark Knight -- Batman's First Fifty Years: 1939-1989 by Mark Cotta Vaz / Ballantine 1989, 1st printing, softcover, nice history with copious illos including 48 full-size color repros of classic covers, NM, $15

"DC Comics", Wonder Woman / Holt 1972, hardcover, classic Golden Age reprints in color, intro by Gloria Steinem, book VF, dj VG/Fine, $55

Walt Disney/Disney Animation also see individual artists such as Carl Barks and Walt Kelly in the Monographs section

Disney, Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - An Art in Its Making / Hyperion 1994, first edition, hardcover, gorgeous reproductions of rare art, sketches, cels, concept pieces and more, a labor of love, Fine- book and dj, $30 click for pic Jay Edward Disbrow, The Iger Comics Kingdom / Blackthorne 1985, the history of Iger's comic-book publishing empire told by one of comics' legendary artist, Jay Disbrow, scarce book, 1st printing, softcover, Fine, SOLD

"EC COMICS", also see "MAD" in this section and individual artists such as Kurtzman, Williamson etc. in the Graphic Novels & Monographs section

"EC COMICS", The EC Horror Library of the 1950's / Nostalgia Press 1971, 1st printing, huge hardcover reprints EC's best in full color, a wonderful collection, F/VF book and dj, $195 click for pic

"EC COMICS", EC Portfolio One / Cochran 1971, first printing, softcover, giant folio reprints EC stories and covers shot from the original art at near original-size, finest repro's ever of classic stories, Fine+ $100

"EC COMICS", EC Portfolio Two / Cochran 1972, first printing, softcover, giant folio reprints EC stories and covers shot from the original art at near original-size, finest repro's ever of these classic stories, Frazetta covers, fine-, $125

"EC COMICS", EC Portfolio Three / Cochran 1973, first printing, softcover, giant folio with more great EC reprints, fine, $45

"EC COMICS", EC Portfolio Five / Cochran 1974, first printing, softcover, giant folio with more great EC reprints, would be fine but light waterstain, $40

Harlan Ellison, The Illustrated Harlan Ellison / Baronet 1978, 1st printing, softcover, Ellison's stories illustrated by artists such as William Stout, Alredo Alcala, Jim Steranko and others, VG+, $20

Michael Fleisher, The Great Superman Book / Warner1978, phone book size softcover by Fleisher (vol 3 in his Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes) catalogs Supe's career in painstaking detail with copious illustrations from the comics, a fascinating survey of the Superman mythos, uncommon, Fine+, $50

Denis Gifford, The International Book of Comics / Crescent 1984, 1st printing, American hardcover edition of British book, large with tons of great illustrations, VF+ book and dj, $30 click for pic

Robert Heide & John Gilman, Cartoon Collectibles / Dolphin-Doubleday 1983, softcover, first edition thus, well-illustrated roundup of cartoon/comic character toys and memorabilia, b/w & color illustr., fine, $15

Maurice Horn, Women in the Comics / Chelsea House 1977, 1st printing hardcover, scarce book examines female characters throughout the history of American comics, nice b/w and color illustrations, Fine- book in VG dj, $35

Horn, Comics of the American West / Stoeger 1977, 1st printing softcover, Horn looks at the Western genre, nice survey, VG/Fine, $20

Horn, Sex in the Comics / Chelsea House 1985, profusely illustrated survey of sex and sexiness in both comic strips and comic books, well done with b/w & color ill., hardcover, fine+ book and dj, $30

Fridolf Johnson, ed., Treasury of American Pen-and-Ink Illustration 1881 to 1938 / Dover 1982, first printing, softcover, nice selection of work by artists including Harrison Cady, J.M. Flagg, A.B. Frost, John Held Jr., Rockwell Kent, Winsor McCay, Willy Pogany, T.S. Sullivant & Gluyas Williams to name but a few, Fine-, $15 click for pic

David Kunzle, The History of the Comic Strip - the Nineteenth Century / Univ. California 1990, enormous tome is most scholarly study yet of early origins of the comic strip, Toppfer, Cham, Busch and Dore are among the artists examined, lavishly illustrated from rare sources, SOLD

Lawrence Lariar, editor, Best Cartoons of the Year (1942) / Crown 1942, first edition, hardcover, may be the first in the long-lived series, cartoons by countless greats including many New Yorker cartoonists such as Steig, Soglow, Taylor & Hoff, VG++ book and dj, $30

Lariar, editor Best Cartoons of the Year 1965 / Crown 1965, first edition, hardcover, another collection of classic cartoons from America's mags, Fine book VG+ dj, $15

Gershon Legman, Love & Death / Breaking Point 1949, subtitled "A Study in Censorship", contains long chapter devoted to the decadence of comics, one of the first published criticisms, 1st printing, softcover, scarce, VG+, $75

"MAD", see also individual artists/editors such as Al Jaffee listed in the "Graphic Novels & Monographs" section by last name

"MAD", The Complete MAD / Cochran, four hardcovers in slipcase reprinting MAD comics #1 - 23 complete and in full color, shot directly from the original art with articles and commentary including interviews with EC staff, the best MAD collection ever, out of print and not to be republished in this form, fine+, $395

"MAD", Mad For Keeps / Crown 1958, 1st printing of the first Mad hardcover compilation, b/w & color reprints from MAD comics and early MAD magazine, this Crown series seldom turns up in nice shape, this copy book and dj fine-, $175 click for pic

"MAD", Mad Forever / Crown 1959, 1st printing of the second Mad hardcover collection, excellent copy, F/VF book in Fine- dj, $195

"MAD", A Golden Trashery of Mad / Crown 1960, 1st printing of the third Mad hardcover collection, the scarcest of the three, fine+ book in VG+ dj, $225 click for pic

"MAD", The Ridiculously Expensive Mad / World 1969, 1st printing, this book is notoriously difficult to find unmolested due to its 6 (!) removable inserts which beg to be pulled out and played with, this is an outstanding copy with all 6 inserts still attached and perfect, even includes the scarce 'errata' slip, book fine, dj VG/F, $395

"MAD", The Self-Made Mad / Signet 1964, paperback 1st printing, VG, $10

"MAD", The Mad Sampler / Signet 1965, paperback 1st printing, VG+, $10

"MAD", Boiling Mad / Signet 1966, paperback 1st printing, fine, $10

"MAD", Burning Mad / Signet 1968, paperback 1st printing, VG+, $7

"MAD", Good 'n' Mad / Signet 1969, paperback 1st printing, fine-, $5

"MAD", Swinging Mad / Signet 1977, paperback 1st printing, fine, $5

"MAD" (related), The MAD Morality or the Ten Commandments Revisited by Vernard Eller / Abingdon Press 1970, 1st printing, softcover, seeing MAD through the prism of Christianity a la "Parables of Peanuts", scarce book, fine-, $20

"Manga", Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics by Fredrik Schodt / Kodansha 1997, new edition with slight revision, first thus, softcover, with a foreward by Osamu Tezuka, outstanding guide to Japanese comics, an excellent reference for info on the history and styles of pre-1983 comics, F/VF, $20

Marvel Comics, also see individual artists such as Kirby and Ditko listed by last name in the "Graphic Novels & Monographs" section

"Marvel Comics", Marvel Comics #1 / Marvel 1990, 1st printing hardcover reprint of the very first comic book ever published by Marvel (Timely) featuring first app. of Human Torch and Submariner, NM book and dj, $35

"Marvel Comics", Origins of Marvel Comics by Stan Lee / Simon & Schuster 1974, first printing, hardcover, reprints 1st FF, Spider-Man, Hulk, etc. along with Stan Lee's remembrances, scarce in h/c, Fine+ book and dj, $200 click for pic ... another copy, 1st printing softcover, fine, $30 ... and a later printing, VG/F $10

"Marvel Comics", Son of Origins of Marvel Comics by Stan Lee / Simon & Schuster 1975, 1st printing hardcover, sequel to the above, equally difficult to find in h/c, F/VF book and dust jacket $180 click for pic.... another copy softcover, VG $10

"Marvel Comics", Bring on the Bad Guys by Stan Lee / Simon & Schuster 1976, rare 1st printing Hardcover edition, 1st app. villains Dr. Doom, Green Goblin etc, SOLD .... softcover, Fine+, $20

"Marvel Comics", The Superhero Women by Stan Lee / Simon & Schuster 1977, 1st printing softcover edition, Marvel's mighty maidens featured in this book, the fourth of the "Origins" series, VG/F $20

"Marvel Comics", Marvel's Greatest Superhero Battles by Stan Lee / Simon & Schuster 1978, rare 1st printing hardcover edition, the fifth and my favorite of the series features great reprints of classic Silver Age Marvel battle by Kirby, Ditko Wood and others SOLD

"Marvel Comics", How to Draw Comics the MarveL Way by Stan Lee & John Buscema / Simon & Schuster 1978, scarce true 1st printing hardcover edition of oft-reprinted book, fine book and dj, $85 ... another copy of the first print, h/c, book and dj G/VG $20

"Marvel Comics", Monster Masterworks / Marvel 1989, first printing, thick softcover collects pre-hero Atlas/Marvel monster stories in full color, including lots of Jack Kirby art plus Ditko, Everett and Ayers, uncommon book, SOLD click for pic

The MASSES, see also individual artists such as Art Young in the main section

"The Masses" Art for the Masses / Temple 1988, 1st printing hardcover, great overview of the Radical pre-WWI magazine, profusely illustrated, VF/NM book and dj, $35 click for pic

Nick Meglin, The Art of Humorous Illustration / Watson-Guptill 1973, 1st printing hardcover, survey of comic art technique by MAD writer/editor, book and dj VG+, $35

William Murrell, A History of American Graphic Humor 1865-1938 (vol 2) / Whitney Museum 1938, hardcover, 1st printing, probably the first scholarly and enlightened overview of America's rich cartooning culture, still a very valuable resource today, VG+, no dj's, $150

The New Yorker . . . see also individual artists such as Arno, Cobean, Hokinson, Petty and Steinberg in the Graphic Novels & Monographs section

New Yorker, The New Yorker Album / Doubleday Doran 1928, yes, its the rare 1st cartoon album from The New Yorker with selections from Arno, Hokinson, Reginald Marsh, Rea, Soglow, etc, fine book, no dj, SOLD

New Yorker, The Second New Yorker Album / Doubleday Doran 1929, 1st printing, scarce 2nd album, more great cartoons from the early years, fine book, no dj, $75

New Yorker, The Third New Yorker Album / Doubleday Doran 1930, 3rd in the series, VG+, no dj, $45

New Yorker, The Fourth New Yorker Album / Doubleday Doran 1931, VG+, no dj, $45

New Yorker, The Fifth New Yorker Album / Harper & Bros. 1932, first printing, VG+, no dj, $45

New Yorker, The Sixth New Yorker Album / Harper & Bros. 1933, first printing, scarce book with very rare dust jacket, book is VG+, dj is Good with piece off back (blank) panel, $75 click for pic

New Yorker, The Seventh New Yorker Album / Random House 1935, scarce book with very rare dust jacket, VG/Fine book and dj, $100 click for pic

New Yorker, The 1937 New Yorker Album / Random House 1937, first printing, hardcover, VG+ book plus the super-rare dust jacket in VG- condition, $75 click for pic New Yorker, The 1940 New Yorker Album / Random House 1939, first printing, scarce compilation, VG book in rare dj (gd), $75

New Yorker, The 1942 New Yorker Album / Random House 1941, first printing, vg- book, no dj, $40

New Yorker, The New Yorker War Album / Random House 1942, first printing, great anthology of WWII-themed cartoon from the pages of The New Yorker, vg+ book in scarce dj (vg), $95

Richard O'Brien, The Golden Age of Comic Books / Ballantine 1977, 1st printing, softcover, long out-of-print history of GA with great portfolio of full-size repros of classic Golden Age covers, fine-, $30

PAPERBACKS, Undercover - An Illustrated History of American Mass Market Paperbacks by Thomas Bonn / Penguin 1982, nicely done survey of the paperback book scene, VG-, $15 click for pic

Harvey Pekar, w/various artists, American Splendor / Doubleday/Dolphin 1986, first printing, softcover, Pekar's first book collection with cover/art by R. Crumb and others, fascinating autobiographical work, Fine-, $20

Pekar, w/various artists, More American Splendor / Doubleday/Dolphin 1987, first printing softcover, more stories from the pages of Pekar's autobiographical comic book, F/VF, $20

RAW Magazine also see individual artists such as Spiegelman, Burns, etc.

RAW, Read Yourself RAW edited by Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly / Pantheon 1987, 1st printing, softcover, giant folio collects material from the 1st 3 issues of Raw, work by Tardi, Beyer , Newgarden, Swarte, Munoz & Sampayo, and many more, includes all original inserts still attached, VF, SOLD

RAW, RAW vol 2 #1 / Penguin 1989, first edition, softcover, excellent comics by Burns, Deitch, Katchor and many more, Wolverton reprint + Chapter 8 of Maus by Spiegelman, NM, $15

RAW, RAW vol 2 #2 / Penguin 1990, first edition, softcover, artsy comics by Deitch, Swarte, Tardi, Lynda Barry, reprint by Boody Rogers, Chapter 9 of Maus, NM, $15

Reinhold Reitberger, w/Wolfgang Fuchs, Comics - Anatomy of a Mass Medium / Little, Brown 1972, first printing, softcover, first English-language edition of the influential German survey, nice selection of illustrations, VG/Fine, $25 click for pic

Trina Robbins, w/ Catherine Yronwode, Women and the Comics / Eclipse 1985, first printing, softcover, nice survey of unsung female heroes from the world of cartooning, VG/Fine, $20 click for pic

Jerry Robinson, The Comics -- An Illustrated History of Comic Strip Art / Putnam 1974, first printing, hardcover, excellent history of comics written by one of the Industry's legends, profusely illustrated in color and b/w with well-chosen examples from all eras, uncommon, VF book and DJ, SOLD

Bill Schelly, The Golden Age of Comic Fandom / Hamster Press 1995, first printing, softcover, limited to 1000 signed/#'ed copies, excellent fandom history with tiny print run, NM, $35

Martin Sheridan, Comics and Their Creators / Hyperion 1977, 1st printing thus, softcover, reprint of the classic early comics history book from 1942 with copious illustrations by the best, uncommon, VG/F, $20

Ralph Shikes and Steven Heller, The Art of Satire -- Painters as Carcaturists and Cartoonists from Delacroix to Picasso / Horizon 1984, first printing softcover, excellent survey of "Fine" artists' work in the comics field, including background info and examples by Manet, Gaugin, George Grosz, Jacques Villon, Reginald Marsh, Ad Reinhardt and countless others, Fine, $20

Simplicissimus, SIMPLICISSIMUS - 180 Satirical Drawings from the Famous German Weekly trans. and text by Stanley Appelbaum / Dover 1975, 1st edition softcover, terrific selection with art by greats like Grosz and Kley, F/VF, $15

Smithsonian, The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics / Smithsonian/Abrams, giant hardcover with great selection of color & b/w strip reprints, all the greats well represented, book and dj FVF, $60

Smithsonian, A Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Comics / Smithsonian/Abrams 1981, thick hardcover with classic Golden Age American comic reprints in color, DC, Pogo, Wolverton, Lulu, EC, they're all here!, book and dj VF, $35

Don Thompson, & Dick Lupoff, ed., All in Color for a Dime / Arlington House 1970, classic comics nostalgia anthology with articles on Popeye, Timely WWII Comics, Capt. Marvel & Family, etc. by authors including Harlan Ellison and Roy Thomas, 1st printing hardcover, VG+ book and dj, $25 .... another copy, the Ace paperback, VG-, $10

Thompson, & Dick Lupoff, ed., The Comic-Book Book / Arlington House 1973, 1st printing hardcover, sequel to the above with more great articles on EC/MAD, Jack Cole, Carl Barks, Wonder Woman, Will Eisner and much more, book and dj fine, SOLD

Thompson, & Maggie Thompson, Science Fiction and Fantasy Collectibles / House of Collectibles 1989, 1st printing softcover, 3rd edition, Comics Buyer's Guide editors guide to pulps and S-F related books, price-guide feature now obsolete but still a good reference, fine, $15

Underground Comix also see individual artists such as Crumb and Spiegelman in Monographs section

Underground Comix, The Apex Treasury of Underground Comics / Links 1974, 1st printing, softcover, excellent survey of seminal undergrounds including work by Crumb, Spiegelman, Justin Green, Kim Deitch, Shary Flenniken, Gilbert Shelton, Spain and more, uncommon in first edition, Fine-, $30 click for pic

Underground Comix, The Official Underground and Newave Comix Price-Guide by Jay Kennedy / Boatner Norton 1982, softcover, first and only edition, still the best source for info on undergrounds, sharp Fine-, SOLD

Underground Comix, The Great Poster Trip: Art Eureka / Coyne & Blanchard 1968, 1st printing softcover, obscure book collects rare Poster Art by artists including Rick Griffin, Moscoso, Wes Wilson & others, b/w and color, uncommon, $25 click for pic

Underground Comix, A History of Underground Comics by Mark J. Estren/ Straight Arrow 1974, 1st printing softcover, enormous tome chronicles development of UG's, packed with illustrations, NM, $25 click for pic

Jerry Weist, Original Comic Art - Identification and Price Guide / Avon 1992, 1st printing, softcover, one-and-only reference book about comic strip and comic book original art, NM $15

Fredric Wertham, Seduction of the Innocent / Rinehart 1954, the infamous book which fanned the flames of anti-comics hysteria in the 1950's, leading to Congressional Hearings and the Comics Code Authority, 1st printing (lacks bibliography), Vg+ books and Dj, $185

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