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Graphic Novels & Monographs A - D

Charles Addams, Drawn and Quartered / Random House 1942, very first collection of his New Yorker cartoons, First printing hardcover, Good/VG with worn boards, no dj, $25

Addams, Addams and Evil / Random House 1947, another early collection by New Yorker veteran, SOLD click for pic ... another copy, later printing, book and dj Fine-, $25

Addams, Monster Rally / Simon & Schuster 1950, VG+ no dj, $20

Addams, Homebodies / Simon & Schuster 1954, later printing, no dj, $15

Addams, Black Maria / Simon & Schuster 1960, 1st printing, ex-libr copy, vg+ in vg dj, $15

Addams, Favorite Haunts / Simon & Schuster 1976, book fine, dj VG+, $30 click for pic

Addams, Creature Comforts / Simon & Schuster 1981, book fine, dj VG+, $30

Addams (related), The New Yorker - April 15, 1974 / magazine, complete original issue with nice Addams cover, Fine-, $5 click for pic

Addams (related), The New Yorker - May 5, 1980 / magazine, complete original issue with nice Addams cover depiciting the NYC skyline in an aquarium, Fine+, $5 click for pic

Bruno Angoletta, Angoletta / Garzanti 1975, first edition, giant folio hardcover, pictorial boards, Italian language, full color reprints of Marmittone and many other strips, great package, VG+ with ding to bottom left corner, uncommon, SOLD click for pic

Peter Arno Whoops Dearie! / Simon & Schuster 1927, 1st printing, Arno's seldom seen first book, illustrated text, VG+ no dj, $25

Arno, Peter Arno's Parade / Liveright 1929, 1st printing, special "Presentation Edition" #'ed and limited to 1000 copies, some of Arno's earliest New Yorker strips are collected in this great book, Batik decorative boards as issued, VG/Fine, $65 .... another copy, standard first printing, VG no dj, $20

Arno, Peter Arno's Circus / Liveright 1931, early collection of New Yorker cartoons, VG+ book in VG- dj, $85 .... another copy, VG no dj, $20

Arno, Peter Arno's Favorites / Blue Ribbon 1932, 1st printing, uncommon title with great selection of pieces, VG+ no dj, $25

Arno, For Members Only / Simon & Schuster 1935, scarcest Arno title?, VG+ in VG dj, $95 click for pic ... another copy, no dj, VG+, $25

Arno, Ladies and Gentlemen / Simon & Schuster 1951, First Printing, VG+ book in Good dust jacket $20.... another copy, G/VG no dj, $10

Arno, Hell of a Way to Run a Railroad / Simon & Schuster 1956, 1st printing, VG+ book and dj, $25 click for pic

Arno, Lady in the Shower / Simon & Schuster 1967, fine book in vg+ dj, $35 ... another copy, VG no dj, $10

Arno, Peter Arno / Dodd Mead 1979, the ultimate Arno compendium covers career from beginning to his death, softcover, Fine, $25

Boris Artzybasheff, related, BLAB! #9 / Fantagraphics 1997, first edition, 10" x 10" softcover, outstanding compilation with new work by Chris Ware, Spain, Pete Kuper and others, as well as a retrospective of Artzybasheff's stunning b/w illustrations including some WWII images, NM, $16

Ace Backwords, Twisted Image / Loompanics 1990, 1st and only collection, softcover, fine, $15

Peter Bagge, Studs Kirby / Fantagraphics 1989, Bagge's 2nd book in scarce first printing, softcover collection of shorts from Neat Stuff, VF $20 click for pic

Bagge, Hey, Buddy! / Fantagraphics 1993, limited signed/#ed hardcover edition of 750 copies, collects HATE #1-5, NM, $65

Bagge, Buddy the Dreamer / Fantagraphics 1994, limited signed/#ed hardcover edition of 600 copies, collects HATE #6-10, NM, $50

Bagge, Fun with Buddy & Lisa / Fantagraphics 1995, limited signed/#ed hardcover edition of 500 copies, collects HATE #11-15, NM, $50

Bagge, Buddy, Go Home! / Fantagraphics 1997, collects HATE #16-20 in color, 1st edition, softcover (never issued in h/c!), VF $20

Sgt. George Baker, The SAD SACK / Simon & Schuster 1944, the first Sad Sack collection, later printing of the first edition, brilliant wordless strips, SOLD

Sgt. George Baker, The NEW SAD SACK / Simon & Schuster 1946, first printing, hardcover, the second Sad Sack book, VG/Fine book and DJ, $25

Carl Barks, Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck / Another Rainbow 1981, 1st printing blue-bound hardcover with matching slipcase, signed/#ed and limited to 1875 copies, mouth-watering catalogue raisonne of the fabulous Duck paintings, NM copy $2,995

Barks, Animal Quackers / Gemstone 1996, Hardcover collection of non-Disney duck and animal paintings, limited to 1000 #ed copies, comes with small lithograph signed by Barks!, already scarce, SOLD

Barks, Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book by Michael Barrier / Lilien 1981, 1st printing in the scarce hardcover edition, the best book on Barks with bio, photos, many excerpts from his comics plus a full index to his work, NM book, Fine+ dj, $125 .... another copy, softcover, VF, $55 click for pic

Barks, Uncle Scrooge - His Life & Times / Celestial Arts 1981, 1st edition, deluxe leather-bound hardcover w/signed Litho, enormous tome reprints Barks' best Scrooge yarns with new delicate hand coloring plus a new never-published story with Barks art, terrific package, VF/NM, SOLD

Barks (related), Funnyworld No. 16 / Barrier 1975, deluxe fanzine, "the world of film animation and comic art", special Carl Barks issue with Barks painting on cover, scarce 'zine, Fine, $10

Barks (related), Funnyworld No. 21 / Barrier 1976, Barks photo cover and article, fine, $10

Barks (related),How to Read Donald Duck -- Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic / first printing, softcover, fascinating sociological/politico treatise originally published in Chile in 1971 critiques Disney Duck comics (Barks) as capitalist brain-washing; Uncle Scrooge as seen from the Marxist perspective! seldom seen in this edition, fine SOLD

Barks (related), NEMO magazine #7 / Fantagraphics 1984, Barks/Gottredson cover/interview, VF/NM, $15

H.M. Bateman, H.M. Bateman by Himself / Collins 1937, 1st printing, hardcover, Bateman's autobiography with drawings and cartoons on nearly every page, some light foxing esp. on end pages, VG+ book and dj, $85 click for pic

Bateman, The Best of H. M. Bateman / Bodley Head 1987, nice hardcover gathers cartoons from the Tatler 1922-26 in full color, Fine in dj, $45

Bateman, Suburbia / Holt 1922, 1st edition, hardcover, delightful book of cartoon drawings and caricatures of suburban types, scarce item, missing bottom 1/3 of spine panel, o/w G/VG, $95 click for pic

Bateman (illustr.), Art Ain't All Paint by Jan Gordon / Feature Books 1944, hardcover, no dj, some very silly limericks about artists with cartoons by Bateman, VG/F, $15

C.C. BECK, The Monster Society of Evil / Hawk Books (UK) 1989, giant folio hardcover in slipcase reprints complete Mr. Mind WWII serial from Capt. Marvel Adventures circa-1940's, limited to 3000 #ed copies, the best Capt. Marvel book ever made, NM, $250 click for pic

"Chip" Bellew, Chip's Dogs / R H Russell 1897, oblong hardcover, charming collection of 'Chip's animal cartoons from the original "LIFE" magazines, light wear to boards, VG+ $120 click for pic

Enki Bilal, Outer States / Catalan 1990, softcover, first edition, English language graphic novel in the Moebius vein, Fine, $20

Bilal, with Christin, The Ranks of the Black Order / Catalan 1989, first printing, softcover, English-language edition of ambitious graphic novel set in Europe in 1938, Fine, $15 click for pic

R. O. Blechman, Behind the Lines / Hudson Hills 1980, first edition, hardcover, excellent survey of work by Blechman including cartoons and illustrations for magazines and advertising interspersed with autobiographical material, Fine- book and dj, $20 click for pic

Vaughn Bode', Vaughn Bode's Deadbone / Northern Comfort Communications 1975, 1st printing, scarce hardcover of early Bode', b/w strips : "The First Testament of Cheech Wizard, the Cartoon Messiah", fine book and dj, SOLD click for pic

Bode', Vaughn Bode's Erotica no.1 / Last Gasp 1983, first printing, hardcover, pictorial boards, full color strips from Cavalier, SOLD

Bode', Vaughn Bode's Erotica vol. 1-3 / Fantagraphics 1996, first printings thus, lot of 3 softcovers, collecting the work from the Last Gasp h/c series, SOLD

Clare Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. / Whitman 1922, color edition, hilarious takes on marital bliss, VG, $75 click for pic

Chester Brown, Ed the Happy Clown / Vortex Comics 1992, first printing thus, this edition offers expanded content from the 1st version with pages not seen elsewhere, softcover, F/VF $35 click for pic

Brown, I Never Liked You / Drawn & Quarterly 1994, signed and #ed hardcover, limited to 750 copies, collecting serial from Yummy Fur, NM, $50

Brown, The Little Man -- Short Strips 1980-1995 / Drawn & Quarterly 1998, signed and #ed hardcover, limited to 400 copies, NM, $50

Brown, (related) The Comics Journal #135 / Fantagraphics 1990, magazine, first printing, cover art/long interview with Brown, NM $5

Charles Burns, Big Baby - Curse of the Molemen (Raw One-Shot #5) / Raw Books 1986, early Burns, hardcover in pictorial boards w/o dj as issued, fine-, $20

Wilhelm Busch, Ein Skizzenbuch von Wilhelm Busch / Piper (Munich) 1924, small hardcover book with fabulous repros of pencil sketches by Busch, very charming stuff, limited edition of 800 #'ed copies, intro in German, uncommon Busch item, VF book and dj, $75

Busch, Lustige Wilhelm Busch Sammlung / Verlag Braun & Schneider, Munich 1966, true to the title it's a great Busch collection, with Max & Moritz (the Katzenjammer's precursors) in full color, and dozens of other original black and white stories, text in the original German, pictorial boards as issued, short inscr. on ffep o/w fine, scarce title, $65 click for pic

Busch, The Genius of Wilhelm Busch transl./ed. by Walter Arndt / Univ Calif Press 1982, definitive English-language collection of Busch's work, VF book in fine dj, $45

Ernie Bushmiller, The Best of Ernie Bushmiller's NANCY by Brian Walker / Comicana/Holt 1988, 1st printing, softcover, best Nancy book ever with excellent survey of Bushmiller's strips from beginning to end, + bonus art/articles by Mark Newgarden and others on the magic of Nancy, VF, $30 click for pic

Bushmiller, Nancy Eats Food / Kitchen Sink 1989, 1st book in series of 4 by cult favorite Bushmiller, softcover, 1st printing, VF, $24

Bushmiller, Nancy's Dreams and Schemes / Kitchen Sink 1990, 3rd in series by the zen master of comic art, 1st printing softcover, Fine+ $25

Bushmiller, Artists & Con Artists/Bums, Beatniks & Hippies / Kitchen Sink 1991, 4th and last in series, the surreal genius of Bushmiller at his finest, 1st pr. softcover, Fine $30

Dick Calkins w/ Phil Nowlan, The Collected Works of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century / Chelsea House 1969, 1st printing, enormous hardcover reprints the Buck Rogers original newspaper strips in b/w and color, great production values, classic stuff - the future never looked so cool as it did in the 1930's, intro by Ray Bradbury, NM-, $45 click for pic

Calkins, with Phil Nowlan, Buck Rogers #1 - 6 / Club Anni Trenta 1980, first printings thus, softcover, giant 16" x 12 1/2" folios, printed in Italy but in original English, gorgeous full color, the ultimate format for these classic strips, set of six issues reprints approx. one year of Sunday strips from early 1930 - 1931, F-VF, the set $75 click for pic

Edmond-Francois Calvo, with Victor Dancette, La Bete est Morte! bks. 1 & 2 / Editions G.P., very rare early printing of this famous pair of books, "The Beast Is Dead!", WWII-inspired tale told with animals including an unforgettable Wolf/Hitler, beautifully illustrated by Calvo, French language text, pictorial boards as issued, both volumes fine-, $395 click for pic

Calvo, with Victor Dancette, La Bete est Morte! / Futuropolis 1977, hardcover French language album reprints books 1 & 2 in full color with introductory article, SOLD

Calvo, with Victor Dancette, The Beast is Dead / Abi Melzer 1984, finally an English translation of this seminal work, unabridged full color repro + introductory article, pictorial boards, VF+, SOLD

Eddie Campbell, Deadface / Dark Horse 1990, first edition, softcover, uncommon book is early example of Campbell's creative talent, VG+, $16 click for pic

Milton Caniff, Terry and the Pirates - volumes 1 - 12 / Flying Buttress 1984-86, complete set of 12 hardcover volumes collecting Caniff's seminal strip, books are #'ed and limited to 1200-1300 copies, with articles by Bill Blackbeard et al, books are in Fine-NM shape, dust jackets VG+-VF+, the set SOLD click for pic

Caniff, Male Call / Kitchen Sink 1987, First printing thus, softcover, GGA by Caniff, foreward by Bill Mauldin, nice package, VF/NM $25

Al Capp, Li'l Abner vol 1 / Kitchen Sink 1989, later printing, softcover, first volume of the ambitious series reprinting Capp's hillbilly strip, covers dailies from 1934-5 with bio/articles, VF/NM, $10

Capp, Li'l Abner vol 2 / Kitchen Sink 1988, first printing softcover, continues with the dailies from 1936, NM, $10

Capp, Li'l Abner vol 8 / Kitchen Sink 1990, first printing softcover, reprints the dailies from 1942, VG+, $10

(many other volumes of Li'l Abner available, inquire with wants)

Roz Chast, Parallel Universes / Harper & Row 1984, 1st printing, softcover, third book by droll and charming Chast, Fine/VF, $20 click for pic

Chast, The Four Elements / Harper & Row 1988, 1st printing, softcover collects Chast's delightful cartoons from the New Yorker and other mags, F/VF $20

Chast, Mondo Boxo / Harper & Row 1987, 1st printing, hardcover, only full color collection of Chast pages, Fine/VF book in VG+ dj, $30 click for pic

Daniel Clowes, #$@&! - the Lloyd Llewellyn Collection / Fantagraphics 1989, Clowes' first book collection in the scarce 1st edition, softcover, never-reprinted cover depicts LL driving while drinking a martini, SOLD

Clowes, Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron / Fantagraphics 1993, softcover 1st edition, Clowes' long serial is collected to make his first book-length graphic novel, VG+ $30

Clowes, Lout Rampage / Fantagraphics 1991, softcover 1st edition, collecting tidbits from Eightball, VG+, $45

Clowes, The Manly World of Lloyd Llewellyn / Fantagraphics 1994, deluxe hardcover collection limited to 2000 signed/#ed copies, reprints complete LL saga, Fine+ $195

Clowes, Orgy Bound / Fantagraphics 1996, 1st edition, issued only in softcover, mid-90's Eightball collection, NM SOLD

Clowes, Caricature / Fantagraphics 1998, 1st edition, hardcover, sharp group of short stories from Clowes, NM $60

Sam Cobean, The Cartoons of Cobean / Harper & Bros. 1952, first collection of the late great New Yorker cartoonist, selected by Saul Steinberg with a forward by Charles Addams, Vg+ book in vg dj, $25

Cobean, Cobean's Naked Eye / Hamish Hamilton 1952, first UK printing, hilarious cartoons, VG book no dj, $15

Jack Cole, Focus on Jack Cole by ron goulart / Fantagraphics 1986, softcover only, 1st edition, nice overview of Cole's career with an index to his Plastic Man work, VF $25 click for pic

Cole, DC Archives - Plastic Man vol. 1 / DC Comics 1998, WoW! DC finally got around to reprinting Cole's classic Plastic Man stories from Police Comics, 1st edition NM- $45

Cole, True Crime #1 (Mr. Monster's ...) / Eclipse 1986, this comic book reprints Cole's seminal early work for True Crime comics in the 1940's in full color with related articles, includes the classic "Murder, Morphine and Me", VF, $9 click for pic

Cole, True Crime #2 (Mr. Monster's ...) / Eclipse 1987, more essential reprints of Cole's seminal early work for True Crime comics in the 1940's in full color with related articles, amazing stuff!, VF, $9

Cole, Females by Cole / Playboy Press 1965, softcover collection of cartoons from his classic series for Playboy magazine, very scarce book, VG/Fine with only very light wear, $75

Cole, Females by Cole -- Cocktail Napkin boxed set / Playboy/Monogram ~late 50's, scarce original box of cocktail napkins was a very early Playboy spinoff item, originally came with 36 napkins (2 each of 18 different Cole cartoons), this one has box and 28 napkins (one each of the 18 diff. + 10 dupes), box has small # in ink at bottom left corner o/w Fine- condition, napkins are clean and nice, scarce neato item!, $35 click for pic

Cole (related), The Playboy Cartoon Album / Crown, softcover, dedicated "to the memory of Jack Cole" by Hef, contains about 50 pages of Cole cartoons, lots of color, plus many other artists, scarce book, Fine, $35

Cole (related), The Playboy Cartoon Album 2 / Playboy 1968, 1st printing softcover, 2nd collection with more great Cole cartoons plus many other artists, VG-, $15

Joe Coleman, Cosmic Retribution - The Infernal Art of Joe Coleman / Fantagraphics 1992, First Printing, Hardcover, this copy signed by Coleman on first page, lots of color art and interview, intro by Robert Crumb, Fine in Fine DJ with removable 'autographed' sticker on front, $50 click for pic

Reed Crandall (related), Creepy #74 / Warren1975, magazine, first printing, special all-Reed Crandall issue with cover and art by the comics legend, Archie Goodwin scripts on most stories, one story in full color, Fine+, $10

Roy Crane, The Complete Wash Tubbs & Captain Easy -- vol. 1-18 / NBM Complete Set of all eighteen volumes of NBM's excellent series reprinting Crane's seminal daily and Sunday strips, all 18 books are first printing Hardcovers, beautifully reproduced strips in chronological order, each volume with introductory articles featuring rare art and photos, SOLD

Percy Crosby, That Rookie from the 13th Squad by "Lieut. P. L. Crosby" / Harper 1918, Crosby's first book(?), cartoons about army life circa WWI w/some Skippy-like moments of whimsy, pictorial boards, $150 click for pic

Crosby, Skippy / Greenberg 1925, early hardcover collection of color and b/w Skippy cartoons from Life, pictorial boards, sharp VG+ with great pages, first blank page has tiny sketch, o/w great book, $125 click for pic

Crosby, Skippy and other Humor / Greenberg 1929, 1st printing, more LIFE cartoons and such, completely different contents from the earlier book, F/VF book in Fine dj, $195

Crosby, Always Belittlin' / Crosby 1933, 1st printing, hardcover, large folio w/pictorial boards, self-published collection of political cartoons/essays, including some of his most heartfelt expressions of patriotism, his last book?, VG/Fine, no dj (as issued?), SOLD click for pic

Crosby, Skippy - ehe' catl #2 / real free press amsterdam 1975, 1st edition, softcover reprints great selection of Skippy Sundays and dailies, VF-, $40

Crosby, Skippy 1925-1926 / Hyperion 1977, 1st edition, softcover, collects the first year of Skippy newspaper strips, slight fading/wear to cover o/w fine, SOLD

Crosby, Skippy and Percy Crosby by Jerry Robinson / Holt, Rinehart 1978, outstanding bio and sampler, w/intro by Jules Feiffer, hardcover w/dj, very fine $30

Robert Crumb, Head Comix / Viking Press 1968, hardcover, very 1st Crumb book, 1st edition, the Holy Grail of Crumb collecting, so rare in the hardcover version that some have doubted its existence, unlike other copy i once owned this one has 'blank' price circle on dj, book is Fine+ in VG/Fine dj, $925 click for pic.....later softcover reprint with additional material by Crumb, NM $15

Crumb, Crumb by Marjorie Alessandri / Albin Michel 1974, 1st printing, softcover, French-language Crumb monograph with b/w illustrations, ovners's name neatly written inside fc and light crease to bottom right corner fc, o/w fine, $75 click for pic

Crumb, R. Crumb Checklist by Don Fiene/ Boatner Norton 1981, 1st edition softcover, scholarly Crumb bibliography with many illustrations, NM $20

Crumb, The Complete Crumb Comics vol. 4 / Fantagraphics 1989, 1st printing, softcover, "Mr. Sixties" with Crumb at the height of his powers, NM, $18

(other volumes of above series available in softcover/hardcover, inquire)

Crumb, Love to Ten / Reallusion 1990's?, scarce Scottish softcover collects Crumb's ZAP Comix work complete from 0 - 10, 1st printing, limited to 3000 copies, NM $75 click for pic

Crumb, R. Crumb Sketchbook vols. 1-5 / Fantagraphics 1990's, 1st edition softcovers, contains material not in the German sketchbook series, all very fine, $75 for the lot

Crumb, Waiting for Food - Restaurant Placemat Drawings / Kitchen Sink 1995, first edition, hardcover, excellent selection of pieces sketched while waiting for food, VF book in Fine- dj, $35 click for pic .... another copy, F/VF, no dj $20

Crumb (related), The Comics Journal #121 April 1988 / Fantagraphics periodical, thick magazine with massive Crumb interview, original cover by Crumb, essential and definitive, Fine/VF, $15

Crumb (related), The New Yorker - Feb. 21, 1994 / magazine, complete original issue with Crumb's only cover for the venerable mag, Fine+, $10 click for pic

Howard Cruse, Dancin' Nekkid with the Angels / Kitchen Sink 1987, signed/#ed hardcover limited to 1250 copies, unflinching autobiography and scathing stories, light wear to covers, VG/F, $35

Whitney Darrow, Jr., You're Sitting on my Eyelashes / Random House 1943, classic first book collection by the great New Yorker cartoonist, 1st printing, rarely seen dust jacket (printed on very thin fragile stock) present though missing some pieces, book VG, DJ Good, $75 .... another copy, 2nd print, no dj, VG $20

Darrow, Please Pass the Hostess / Random House, 2nd cartoon collection, 1st printing, vg+ book in scarce G/VG dj, $45

Darrow, Stop, Miss! / Random House 1957, Darrow's third book collection of New Yorker cartoons, 1st printing, book and dj fine but with light foxing, $35

Darrow, Give Up? / Simon & Schuster 1966, fourth book, 1st printing, book and dj fine but spine shaken, $20

Homer Davenport, Cartoons by Homer Davenport / De Witt 1898, VERY RARE, not listed in Overstreet, giant folio collection by one of America's unsung cartoon geniuses, SOLD click for pic

Chon Day, Brother Sebastian / Hanover House 1957, first edition, hardcover, pictorial boards, charming captionless cartoons concerning clergy, first in the series, VG+ book with gift inscription on first blank page, no dj, $10

Day, Brother Sebastian Carries On / Doubleday 1959, first edition, hardcover, pictorial boards, 2nd in the series, this copy signed by Chon Day on the first blank page, VG++ book and dj, $25

Day, Brother Sebastian At Large / Doubleday 1961, first edition, hardcover, pictorial boards, 3rd in the Brother Sebastian series, VG book and dj with gift inscription/old price on first blank page, $10

Robert Day, All Out for the Sack Race / Random House 1945, first edition, hardcover, nice collection of New Yorker cartoons, VG+ book in scarce Good+ jacket, $25

Billy De Beck, Bughouse Fables -- Comic Monthly #9 / Embee 1922, rare early comic book features reprints of hilarious but little-known strip by DeBeck (signed for first few years as "Barney Google"!), cover loose, Good, SOLD click for pic

De Beck, Barney Google and his Faithful Nag Spark Plug (#1) / Cupples & Leon 1923, first number of this tough-to-find series, one of the all-time great strips, nice VG/fine copy, $125 click for pic

De Beck, Barney Google and Spark Plug #2 / Cupples & Leon 1924, second book of the C & L series with more prime Google strips, Good+, $75

De Beck, Barney Google and Spark Plug #3 / Cupples & Leon, 1925, nice VG+ copy, (#'s 3 & 4 are scarcer) $175 click for pic

De Beck, Barney Google and Spark Plug #4 / Cupples & Leon 1926, this copy from the IRS Collection, comes with certificate, condition good, front cover was detached and is taped on, $75 click for pic

De Beck, and Fred Laswell, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith by Brian Walker/ Comicana/OSU/Kitchen Sink 1994, 1st printing, softcover, nice survey of the strip over its 75 year history with lotsa reprints, VF+, $50

Eldon Dedini, The Dedini Gallery / Holt Rinehart 1961, 1st edition, hardcover, excellent collection by cartoonist for New Yorker, Playboy, Esquire and others, fine book VG- dj, SOLD click for pic .... another copy, VG+ book and Gd/VG dj, $20

Rudolph Dirks, The Katzenjammer Kids / New York American 1902, one of the earliest American comics, this is the very 1st Katzenjammer collection in the 1st printing (not the expanded 1903 reprint), rough but not unnattractive copy loose at spine, Overstreet lists as "Rare", SOLD click for pic

Dirks, The Katzenjammer Kids - Early Strips in Full color / Dover 1974, 1st printing, this scarce softcover book is a reprint of Stokes 1908 publication The Komical Katzenjammers, great stuff with excellent color reproduction, too bad there are not more reprints like this, Fine+, $25

Gustave Dore´, Two Hundred Sketches Humorous and Grotesque by G. Dore´ / Warne (U.K.) (undated, late 1800's?), "New Edition", large folio hardcover, terrific cartoons and drawings, pages sharp and clean, cover has wear and some stains, G/VG, $135

Dore´, The Rare and Extraordinary History of Holy Russia / Library Press 1971, 1st edition, hardcover, first and only English-language version of this rare "humorous" work by Dore´ in quasi-comic format, F/VF book in VG++ dj, $75 click for pic .... another copy, VG+, no dj, $25

Dore´, The Terrible Gustave Dore´ / Marchbanks 1943, 1st edition, hardcover, terrific tribute to the influential artist with rare art, as issued in red boards with plate on front cover, VG/Fine, $35 click for pic

Dore´, Les Travaux D'Hercule (The Labours of Hercules) / Malan Classical Ent. 1992, softcover, mag-sized publication with English language translation of this Toepffer-like adaptation of the famous story, Fine/VF, $7

"TAD" Dorgan, Daffydils / Cupples & Leon 1911, Tad's first book?, hardcover w/pictorial boards, charming collection of zany humor, VG- with slight wear to boards edges, $85

Tad Dorgan, Indoor Sports / National Specials N.D. (~1918?), oblong hardcover collects TAD's saucy strips, pictorial boards, solid copy with some small stains, moderate wear, G/VG, $75 click for pic

TAD Dorgan, Indoor Sports -- Comic Monthly #6 / Embee 1922, rare early comic book, no back cover, front cover good, pages G/VG, SOLD click for pic

Pascal Doury, Theo - Tete de Mort / Les Humanoides Associes 1983, hardcover, pictorial boards, uncommon collection of Doury's wild and expressive art, some light wear, Fine-, $25

Philippe Druillet, Les 6 Voyages De Lone Sloane / Dargaud 1976, Druillet's graphic novel in the original French language edition, pictorial boards, VG/VG+ book with typical small upper spine tears found in French albums, $25

Druillet, DELIRIUS / Dargaud, original French language graphic novel, stunning artwork in this sequel to Lone Sloane, pictorial boards, VG+ book with typical small upper spine tears found in French albums, $35 click for pic

Druillet, Lone Sloane : Delirius / Dragon's Dream/Heavy Metal 1977, first English edition, softcover, collects both of the Lone Sloane sagas, VF, $35

Druillet, Yraegel Urm / Dragon's Dream 1978, first English edition, softcover, scarce Druillet item, light wear to cover, VG+ $50

Dubout, Dubout w/ Preface by Gabriel Chevallier / Editions du Livre 1944, First edition, impressive folio-like softcover with stunning art by Dubout, VG, $120

Dubout, Tour de France / Editions du Livre 1940's, 1st printing, softcover, terrific cartoons of the famous bicycle race, beautiful copy of this fragile item, Fine/VF, $75

Alan Dunn, Who's Paying for this Cab? / Simon & Schuster 1945, 1st printing, oblong hardcover reprints Dunn's atmospheric New Yorker cartoons, VG+ book in G/VG dj, $20

Dunn, A Portfolio of Social Cartoons / Simon & Schuster 1968, 1st printing, hardcover, New Yorker cartoons from the years 1957- 1968 are collected, Fine- book in VG+ dj, $25 .... another copy, VG+ book in G/VG dust jacket $15

Dunn, Architecture Observed / Architectural Record 1971, first printing, hardcover, limited edition book collects Dunn's cartoons for "Architectural Record" magazine, fine- book and dj, $25

Clare Dwiggins, School Days / Hyperion 1977, 1st printing, softcover, nicely drawn cartoon collection from the excellent, long out-of-print Hyperion Library, strips from 1923-4, VG-, $25

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